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Love, Romance, Proposal and Marriage

Updated on February 15, 2012

I never realized that the scent of the girl’s body will be anything important until I met Jane. I don’t know what it is as it’s hard to explain but I don’t feel the same with anybody else.

I still remember the first time we went out for a date. I couldn’t have thought that she would be the only one to cast her magic on me. I just hold her and felt the warmth of her body in my hands. There was something more. She wasn’t just throwing herself in. she wanted me to taste her body and I breathed inside her enclosure which separates her belly from the upper section. I felt that I was completely lost. I don’t want to leave her forever. The foul smell of her body was drawing me forward and deeper. I could sense that she was enjoying too and she removed her clothes immediately and stroke me gently inside her. Her tight belly was something that I always fell for but to be honest the scent was the key. Then further down I went and she helped me in my way by opening her legs. She was moving up and down at every instant and it just whetted my thirst. Her deepest, the most tempting part has the best taste that I can find. Normally the love making scenes last for about 30 minutes but mine took approximately 3 hours.

She plays with me and I fell for her
She plays with me and I fell for her
Wow, it was a moment. She was literally throwing herself at me...I love it
Wow, it was a moment. She was literally throwing herself at me...I love it

In the morning she just looked at me before leaving as if I would say something. I moved towards her and hold her in my arms and kissed her. She was surprised to see this reaction and responded too. I asked her, “Will you marry me?” she started crying with happiness and awe. I just attached her with my body. Then I patted her gently to make her feel that I wanted her badly. I kissed her eyes and tears. Every kiss on her face gave me relaxation and peace.

I invited everyone to our wedding however her friend Jessica was very jealous of her. She tried to drive me towards her by locking me in a room and removing her clothes and moving upside down on me. After trying everything in vain for about 10 minutes she finally gave up. I told her that it’s not because you are not beautiful but because my body needs that scent which is only found in her. Every girl has a different scent and taste and that’s what drives men towards them.


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