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Bodystockings for Men

Updated on April 8, 2011

Nothing matches the sensation of wearing a full bodystocking and having your body covered in sheer nylon. The great thing is that its really easy to buy them. There are loads of lingerie stores where you can shop for beautiful bodystockings with a huge variety. Because bodystockings are considered erotic clothing, most if not all online stores will ship them plainly wrapped. Cross dressers can have a great time because its not unusual for men to order sexy lingerie for their girlfriends and wives.

A few details

Bodystockings are essentially a kind of unitard but made from the same material as nylon tights. Nothing makes you feel the way a bodystocking does. I love it when guys wear them. That's not just because I like cross dressers. They accentuate your body along with muscles as well as curves. It makes no sense that they should only be worn by women. Male bodies often cry for something like lingerie to enhance the shape of their physique.

Sizes are really easy to get right because these bodystockings stretch so much. They’re pretty much always in the usual small-medium-large categories. But these are womens sizes, so for men it will nearly always be large or extralarge (if they have it). Either way, you can often get the right size bodystocking without having to try it on which is why online shopping is the best way to go. One word of caution though. When they say "one size fits all" That often doesn't include men so it might not fit you.

Bodystockings come in different shapes and colors. They can come with or without sleeves and you can get them plain or with highly decorative pretty patterns and lace or even fluff and feathers. Of course black is the most common but white has a more innocent charm to it – especially if it's a guy wearing it.

A really awesome sight is the combination of a bodystocking with some women's stilettos. The high heels make your legs look longer and add to the overall grace and feminine appearance. I wrote more about this in my articles: high heels for men and Men Wearing High Heels

Get the bodystocking

For cross dressing, bodystockings can be a very useful garment because you can quickly cover hair on your body but make sure that the material is thick enough. Very thin nylon will not do the trick for covering hair. Then you can wear pretty much anything over the top – even your regular office outfit.

When wearing a bodystocking on its own, make sure that the remaining areas of your body are hair free (except for your head of course). A hairy chest with a low cut leotard or unitard is more funny than cute – which is also fine if that's what you want. Also if you have a masculine body you will need more in order to look feminine because the tight fit will accentuate your figure.

So there’s no reason for any guy not to have his own bodystocking. Now be a good boy and and put it on please^^

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    • luvsladyintimates profile image

      luvsladyintimates 5 years ago

      I love bodystockings!! I wore one to class once when I wa still in college. What a great feeling!!

    • Lucy83 profile image

      Lucy83 6 years ago

      I can only speak for myself here. Whether guys look nice in tights depends a lot on their figure. Tights just don't suit everyone - the same applies to women by the way. But when they have nice legs, then tights or any form fitting clothes look that much better.

    • profile image

      Hey 6 years ago

      Hi Lucy, I'll adress you seeing as how you seem to be the one that started this conversation. First off I'm a straight male because for some reason most straight guys see tights/leggings as being gay but honestly I love running in spandex and find nothing more sexy than seeing a hot girl wearing spandex too. I guess I'm wondering where are all the women that find guys in spandex attractive hiding out??

    • Lucy83 profile image

      Lucy83 7 years ago

      Hi sledge,

      thanks for sharing. Crazy story. Please try to use some punctuation in the future cause it's kind of hard to follow you story.

    • profile image

      sledge 7 years ago

      Hi everyone, i would like to share a little wit all was about ten years ago i went to a halloween party an i could not decide what costume to i ask my girlfriend to help me she said go as jason from friday the 13th.i said why so she because ur very muscular an tall an u have that sexy roughneck look.i said no babe i wana try something wild an crazy.she said what i wana go as a city street hooker she laughedan said your nuts hunny yeah maybe.then i said im serious an she says how an where are you going to find clothes to fit buddy told me to go to new york city in the west village.So i went an when i got to the west side of the city my buddy said go to an adult shop called fantasy world.I found it i went in an told this girl im going to a halloween party an im going as a hooker.she said really are u sure i said absolutely ok let's get started finding u an allfit to fit your huge muscular body.she had found me sexy allfits in plus size so i tried on like four different kinds an i liked them so i brought all of them.the girl said now we have to find four types of stockings for the allfits.As soon as she showed me the lace bodystocking i said give me a few of them in different types i told the girl my girlfriend has them an theyy are so sexy.then the girl said now u need hi heels or stillettos i new what they both were because i got many kinds of heels for my girl.Now i got all i needed the girl told its a week before halloween so make u practiice walking in the heels an she said there five spppikes so i hope you don't fall an hurt yourself i will be careful.well after a few days i was walking Great so now my story is coming to the end an i just want to say that ten years later im addicted to all types of stockings an im inthrawalled an love wearing bodystockings as as i can.they i feel the second the nylon touches my skin i feel amazin an when my wife go on business trips every other weekend.i dress up totally an i love wearing makeup especially hot different colored lipsticks.then when im ready for bed i.can't wait wear a sexy fishnet or lace sexy bodystocking. Thankyou so much for letting share my story of my of bodystockings an ext... bye cow now! Mr.Sledge

    • profile image

      Mike 7 years ago

      I love the way women look in bodystockings and love how they feel while wearing them. My wife is cool with me in tights, but have not wore a bodystocking for her...I may have to try it.

      I love your articles and your outlook on life! I wish more women were like you.

    • profile image

      schnaubler 7 years ago

      Well it depends on in which mood I'm in...most of my friends know me like that and seem to accept or even like it, especially some women I know. Sometimes it makes more sense indeed to wear some regular pants, maybe a skirt combined with Docs.

      Society is changing rapidly today and that whole gender role thing going out in full gear is becoming a more and more common thing for me :-)

    • Lucy83 profile image

      Lucy83 7 years ago

      Thanks again Schnaulber.

      So you go out like that in public? That is very courageous. I know it's very hard for men in particular. What do friends and coworkers say?

    • profile image

      schnaubler 7 years ago

      Love to wear Bodystockings and all kinda skin-tight see-through clothes! Just feels right to me to wear this combined with skirts, pantyhose and high heels :-)

      You gotta be damn confident as a man to do that in public...especially if you got long girly hair like me...but the more often you do it the more obvious it gets to do 'this is the real me, take it or leave it' ;-) So, for me this is part of a Love Revolution, feelin' sexy'n'proud!

      You got class and style Lucy and you know what you're talking about, appreciate that very much! You're not about cheap porn crap at all, this is something very different.



    • Andybmondeo profile image

      Andybmondeo 7 years ago

      Me and my partner are ADDICTED to bodystockings, i love her n them and she loves to be in them, it gets me going wild which as a result gets her going the sameway, quick tip for anybody looking for a great place online, you should try here ! don't thank me, this advice is for free, lol


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