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How to Survive Long Distance Relationships

Updated on July 17, 2016

Every relationship, no matter how strong it may be, always has its difficulties. But I'd say long distance relationships are among the most difficult. I'm sure in this digital era, many of us have experienced the savage effects of long distance relationships. Whether it was your high school crush moving away or your long distance relationship with your better-half. Many of us can relate to that piercing pain of bidding farewell to a loved one as they leave for college or move to a place far away. It is never easy as we are reminded of them through every task we do. It feels as if every action shows us a mere reflection of them. All those moments of paranoia, jealousy, fear and more just pile up on the difficulty of the relationship. The hardest part is not being able to have them by our side at any moment we need them. But if they are so hard, then why go through them? Well, the answer lies with a four letter word which could last forever.."LOVE".

1. Use Technology!

We now use technology for almost every aspect of our lives, so why not use it for something as important as a relationship? Use social media websites and apps to keep your partner updated on how your days are going. Skype or Facetime them for a bit everyday or whenever the time works out for you guys. It helps a lot of people when they communicate with their partners on a regular basis as it helps them feel like they are closer.


2. Go out with friends when you miss your partner

No matter how busy we may get, there will definitely be several times when we miss our partner! If they are not available to talk to then don't sit there alone because that will not help at all! Take your best group of friends and hit your favorite cafe or hangout place! Getting involved in various activities and doing things you enjoy would also help keep your mind off your partner and help you enjoy your time. Having fun with friends may help keep you from missing them for a while.


3. Watch your favorite movies or TV shows

Whether its comedy, action, horror or chick flicks, everyone has a set of movies and tv shows that always manage put a smile on their face or take their mind off things. Some people find it comforting to watch hilarious comedies and laugh till they cry whereas some like to watch sad movies and shed a few tears. While some feel that crying shows weakness, I'd say crying is just a way to take out their sorrows. There is nothing to be embarrassed about it! So cook up your favorite food and settle down for a few hours of stress-relieving relaxation.


4. Always have trust and confidence

Above all, long distance relationships require great amounts of trust and confidence as you will have to be willing to trust your partner blindly and confide in their actions. Never loose trust in them no matter what, and always talk things out if a dispute comes up rather than jumping to conclusions. When you are not always with your partner physically, it can sometimes bring about paranoia and fear about things which we see everyday (cheating, breakups,etc.), but the important thing is to always be able to talk things out with your partner and keeping trust and confidence!


The tips given above were just out of suggestion, but given the circumstances of each unique relationship, the actions to be taken to help survive a long distance relationship may vary. For some it may be easier than others, but always remember that regardless of how hard it may get, if you believe that you truly love you partner, then you will find a thousand reasons to be with then rather than finding one reason not to be. Long distance relationships are hard, but they are also incredible. If you can love, respect, and support each other from a distance then you'll be unstoppable when you are physically together! Because honestly, distance means so little when a person means so much!

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