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Boost male pheromones

Updated on September 1, 2013

Pheromones are chemicals in the body that creates a natural scent that attracts individuals to one another. If you ever wonder why some men have better luck with women, it could be that they produce a high amount of pheromones. So if you’re having trouble with the ladies you may want to boost your pheromones. To do this you will need to make some adjustments in your life.


Fitness increases your testosterone, which help boost pheromones. Also pheromones spread all over your skin by sweat. A bonus would be that you look great and feel great as well making you more confident when you are approached by a woman.

Proper Hygiene

The proper hygiene can help boost your pheromone levels. For starter bathe in hot water without using any strong scented soaps, hair gels, shampoo, or body wash; this is to prevent you from removing any natural pheromones. Pay close attention to you underarms and your groin area. It shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but wear clean clothes.


There are certain foods that can promote pheromone levels. Pay close attention here: since your testosterone level can affect your pheromones then you want to consume foods that are low in fat, high in protein and zinc. So if you can, try to avoid fatty foods. If you’re looking for foods that can help boost your pheromones then continue reading for foods that can help boost your pheromone and testosterone levels.

Oysters are loaded with zinc, which will boost testosterone levels along with your physical endurance enhancing your sex life.

Granola helps boost pheromones as well as help with the feeling of arousal. You can start the day by sprinkling some granola on your cereal in the morning.

Celery is packed with the two types of pheromones (androstenone and androstenol) that help attract women. Men’s Health magazine label celery as a major pheromone booster. The best thing about celery is that it is mostly water and low on calories, so you eat as much as you want.

Almonds elevate your pheromone levels; they are rich in vitamin E, which improves your improve sex life.


Some people got out and buy pheromone cologne. This has become a huge thing, but if you don’t prepare yourself you’ll most likely end up with unwanted results, turning people off.

First thing you want to do is get rid of your natural pheromone (a fresh start so to speak), so thoroughly wash your whole body; this way when you apply the pheromone cologne it won’t be negated by your own natural pheromone. Be sure to avoid strong scented products such as, soap, body wash, lotion, aftershave, deodorant, even laundry detergent. Strong scented products can make your pheromone cologne useless. When apply the pheromone be sure to hit the pulse points for more effect. After applying the pheromone, allow your body to adjust to the new scent; Remember than pheromone effect human emotions and interaction.

So if you’re having trouble with the ladies, test out these tips and see if anything changes.


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