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Bordeaux Wedding 2014

Updated on January 12, 2015

Mother's room view

A mother and son’s is one that is special especially when he is the only child and you have spent most of his life being there for him in many ways. Presently I am proud to say that we have the kind of relationship. Well we are here in Vegas getting ready for his wedding to his lady Amber. As a parent you pray that they will not fall into the pits of none love or love hurt that you have had the unpleased of experience in your lifetime. So here we are Las Vegas to do the wedding and get ready for the plunge of life.

Floor 18, Room 225

This is my bedroom for the next five days and then to return home to Saint Charles, Missouri. My view is from the 18th floor room 225 and it is great, we have quite a crew for this week. The staff at the “Aria Resort” is great and they are there to make sure that things go off without a problem. My room 225 is overlooking one of the many pools and rooftop of the Aria.

They do it right and this is in the middle of the strip and you can walk to most things. As you know, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, believe a lot of things need to not be remember by some who have visited.

My Family from the Baja

My brother John and my sister-in-law Delores have the trip from Baja, Mexico and will return the day after the wedding. We are a party of nine here in Vegas and things are very busy the night before the wedding. Check-in looked like check-in and staying would be blended together but that did not happen. The staff got those lines in and out done with the quickness. We now are going to meet the wedding chapel person to make sure that all things were ready for tomorrow. So I return to my room to get ready to hit the hot tub and then met up with everyone for dinner and then some site seeing. You know when you go to Vegas you walk and my son thinks we are in the military and does that kind of walking. So soon I am down for the count and not ready to go on, then I return to the room and ready myself for the evening because I cannot keep up with everything and will not try to keep with them regardless. Then the even events are television watching and resting my legs for tomorrow event

Readying for the wedding

Next starts with all of the bridal finishing and I return to the hot tub where I find the groom and his best man before the today's events. Upon my return to the room it is time for the wedding and my rushing around is going on. Now I cannot find my shoes, then I don’t like the dress on me now I change to pants and shoes, good thing I brought an extra outfit.

Ready, set now going

Now the bride is calling and telling me I must come down to the room along with sister-in-law Delores where the Ladies are gathering. Amber is ready who is the bride and she will place her dress on at the chapel before her Father Tim walks her down the aisle, downstairs the limousine and the rest of the chapel staff greet us. Off we go through the streets of Vegas and finally at the chapel. When we enter into the chapel we are seen by the rest of the family on camera and we smile and greet them to let them know there are seeing us too. The cellphones start ringing and people are letting us know they see us and are waiting our turn next to get into the chapel.

Groom arriving at chapel

My son is now arriving and the phones start again from everyone at home saying they see him. We sit and await our instruction from the staff at the chapel. We cannot take pictures all pictures are done by the staff at the chapel so, we can only sneak pictures which I did sneak one.

The wedding

Now we asked to enter the elevators and go to the chapel upstairs awaiting the wedding. We all go up and take our places in the chapel where we see the cameras and sit for everything to began. Now the wedding music starts and down comes everyone to get into place for the wedding to began, the music starts for Amber and the doors open and she looks beautiful and looks nervous for everything that is happening at this moment. She smiles and looks only in front of her at my son. It is at this moment that I wished for my parents who helped to raise him to the man he is becoming and wished that I could let his father, who let us, some time back to do his own life. I am glad that he did me that favor; I can share this moment to myself and totally enough for my family. A few tears are shed for them my family and all of the hard work it took to get from birth to now. I thank “GOD”, for his blessing and to continue to bless both of these young people as they move forward into this union.

The wedding was beautiful and now the photographers are doing the pictures and they are doing a great job of filming this whole event and will give them a copy for them to pick up tomorrow when they pick up the licenses.

Pictures then dinner

We all get back into the limousine and are dropped off at Caesar’s palace where we eat at Gordy Ramsey restaurant. Now more picture taking is taking place and this goes on for about 2 ½ hours until I am ready to DROP, not from shopping but from picture taking. We leave Caesar’s palace and go next door to Bellagio fountains. This photoghers was not from the chapel but my now daughter-in-law has gotten from a recommendations from the chapel. Beautiful pictures were taken they were delivered the next day to the happy couple.

Wedding Dinner

Now there is dinner at “Gordon Ramsey”. Everything was good but as usual you are tired and ready to go to bed because the day has been so busy. Both families are ready to see the sights the next day.

So now I have inherited a new daughter-in-law and now I must be ready for the grandchild that I will have in the future.

This is the next chapter in my life being a mother-in-law.


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