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Re: The Mom Bun

Updated on January 27, 2016

The Boss Bun

A bun that represents getting up before dawn and going to bed once everyone is asleep. It represents analytics reports, marketing trends and client objectives. A long day where makeup and nice clothes are a top priority to make clients, peers and others respect, understand and acknowledge you as player in the business world.

This bun represents sacrifice of self. A woman putting others above herself, because from dawn till dusk she works tirelessly to reach her dreams. She gives of herself every minute of every day so that others can benefit from the work of her hands. She trusts in the Lord to guide her steps, words and actions, knowing that really only God sees every detail and every sacrifice.

Her body and brain are tired, but her drive is on fire.

The woman who sports the boss bun is to be respected and feared. No task is too great, no responsibility too difficult. She has seen it all. She’s lived her life struggling, doubting, crying, but it has allowed her to grow as best she could. She survived disrespect prejudice; pain men rarely experience in this business-run world. She raises eyebrows, questions and concerns. She has been hated on, talked about and betrayed. Yet she cleans up the worst of messes and nothing moves her.

This bun is more than just an 'I don't care about how I look' bun. It's late nights. It's sacrifice. It's the most powerful force on earth. It's everyday women being the next generation of world-changers.

Here's to you, girl. For all that you do and for every day you strive, work hard and never give up. You've got this!!! ‪#‎sheisfearless‬


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