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Boy Crush Quotes

Updated on June 20, 2010

Boy Crush Quotes

Girlfriend # 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5.... What number am I gonna be?

Why won't you love me? I'm everything you've ever wanted. But, apparently so are the other girls, who break your heart.

You make me smile by your face, your laugh, your voice, even your hair... But, me. I make you smile by admiring all of that. To you its all superficial. To me its real.

Should I smile because, you like me? Or should I cry because its nothing more then friendship.

Will you be my first time, my one love, my one and only?

"I Love You" from me to you, is weird. From you to me, is a dream come true.

No matter what she looks like, where she comes from, or who she is... She will never love you as much as I do.

I've spent sleepless nights, thinking all about you. Just wondering if you are doing the same.

It's agonizing, giving all your heart and soul to someone who might not be willing to give theirs back.

3 is a crowd, 1 is lonely, 2 is... just right.

Love is wanting someone to be happy, even if they are happy with someone else other then you. But, I will never love you that way. I need to be with you.

You never truly get over your first crush. I have never been able to get over you.

At 11:11pm every single night, I wait up wishing that tomorrow you will feel the same way that I feel about you. But, the next day... Your still in love with her.

Every time I see your "true love" I think to myself "You won't win".

If you let go of someone you love and they come back. It was meant to be. If they don't... It never was.

When our eyes meet, I know it's not only fate for us to be together... It's destiny.

I didn't believe in love at first sight... Until I met you.

Love takes time and effort to bloom, knowing that. I am not worried about those other girls.

Love is patient, Love is kind Love... Is how I feel about you.

Love is like a river, it will get bumpy sometimes, but, we will always sail safely to shore.

Love is different then being "In" Love. Love is happiness. "In" Love is happiness, anger, frustration, sadness, excitement, and surprise.

When you're in love with someone your ready to devote yourself to them. I'm ready to make that commitment to you.

If we were only meant to be friends, why do I feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach, every time you look at me?

When you want something, you do not let anything get in your way... Especially not his girlfriend.

Whatever you say, or do just makes me love you even more.

I remember everything about you, and the next day, when I see you I learn and remember even more.

If I could see the past, I would watch all the mistakes that you have made. If I could look into the future, I would see you and me together... An accomplishment.

Monday through Friday are the best days of the week, The days I get to see you. Weekends, are the days that i wish for you.

When you talk to me. Physically I am there. Mentally I'm lost in your eyes.

I have spent many years of my life... Hating you. Just one day finding out that I loved you.

Be Careful What You Wish For, because you just might end up losing the one girl who truly cared for you.

I love you, and I want to spend the rest of our days together.

One thing that would help me sleep at night, is falling asleep in your arms...

3 conditions of loving me. You must always love me, even when you hate me. hold me close, and never let me go.

When I look at some boys I frown, others I smile. You, I am smitten.

You have extraordinary talents, an amazing sense of humor, great hair, and eyes that I get lost in every time I look at you. You define perfection.

I've looked into your eyes and have seen the world. You have looked into mine... But, haven't seen the true love that I hold for you...

If you said that you loved me, my world would finally become complete. But, if you take it back, my world will come tumbling down.

You + Me = One Big Happily Ever After.

You always tell people your in love with your girlfriend, then the same with the next one, and the next one, and so on... When are you going to realize that your not in love with them. It's me you love.

For us, love at first sight is true... But, our love just isn't ready to flourish yet.

Hold me, like you've never held anyone before. Kiss me, like its the last time our lips will meet ever again. Love me, like you've never loved your other girlfriends ever before.

When I sleep at night I have dream about you and me being together. When I am awake it's a nightmare, watching you be with her...

Where is she when your mad? Where is she when your sad? She isn't there, but, I am.

She may seem so perfect on the outside. But, inside she doesn't really care about you, like I do.

Don't ever say goodbye to me. Those words from you to me. Are what will tare my world apart.

I don't play by the rules. I don't care that you have a girlfriend. I will fight until your mine.

Valentine's Day is the day I celebrate my love for you. But, then I mourn the fact that you are celebrating it with someone else.

Hurry up, and take me away because as much as I want to, I will not be here forever.

It hurts to know that your next to me, and you will never know how I truly feel about you. But, it hurts even more to know that you love someone else.

Love is no fairytale. Love is war, and Love is Hell. When it's between me and your girlfriend, it shall begin.

I just want you to know that I am the real thing, the real deal. All the other girls aren't, not even close to being interested in anything like that.

You want me to call you? I'll call. You want me to hug you? I will hug. You want me to love you? No problem. Your wish is my command.

I used to be a damsel in distress, until you came along. <3

I'm confused. You want her? She's just another lost spirit, another attention craved whore, another bruised apple that doesn't deserve to be picked. She ruined it all for herself. Yet you chase after her like there's no one else in the world. But, you had your chance.


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    • profile image

      Mavy A 2 years ago

      wow... These quotes are so helpful to me. I've been looking for quotes like that for 10 dayz. Like... There's this guy that I really like. He knows that I like him but the issue is that he has this pathetic selfish girlfriend making him follow her like a sick puppy. How do I make him that I like him more than a friend? I so love him. He is like my hunnybum, my amore mio. He is my everything... Plz give me advice

    • profile image

      Amber 3 years ago

      If i had my way he would be mine...

      But i don't get what i want to i can get him..:(

    • profile image

      Anonoymus 3 years ago

      These are some really good quotes, they totally relate to how i feel about this boy right now.... I Don't want to say his name so i am just going to call him H :) well H, is really popular with every girl and every girl wants him. But he dosent know i exsit. He dosent know that i spend days and hours thinking about every little detail about him. he dosent know how much i cry when i see him with someone else :( it really hurts to know that someone your in love with dosent know you exsit :( i am deepy in love with him. Just the mention of his name makes my heart flutter. he hes super corny, and sweet. i get headaches because hes on my mind 24/7. I don't just like him for his looks, i like him for him seriously. Hes much older than i am about 7 years to be exact. But i don't care. Love has nothing to do with age. Love is something that makes your heart flutter, love makes you want to be a better person, love changes you completely. Hes has changed me. I want to do better in school because of him. When im sad i think of him and he cheers me up! Im so in love with him that not even the cutest boy in the world could make me like them.because hes all i want. But, i am not giving up because i know that one day he will know that i exsit, he will meet me. And we will fall in love...anythings possible guys you just have to work for it and believe in it....

    • profile image

      alanna king 3 years ago

      when I was 7 I had huge crush on the most cutest boy in my school his name was Abi

      although when I was 10 I still had a huge crush on him he had the most prettest eyes and

      he's so sweet romantic and funny and I haven't seen him and only him in like 14 years and

      I hope I'll get to see him again real soon Because I love him.

    • profile image

      Cristy 4 years ago

      I love ur quote. all u have written is sad but ture!!!!!##

    • profile image

      shalini gupta 4 years ago

      nic....just awesum....!!

    • profile image

      angelGrace 5 years ago

      nice :)

    • profile image

      AJLA 5 years ago

      Hi I love your quotes. Can you come up of a quote for this: I like this guy that likes this other girl, I tried to ask him out but he didn't want to answer.. I am seeing him on Wednesday and I would love to read him a note that tells him how I feel! Please and thank you!

    • profile image

      tommyngirbedul 5 years ago

      i love ur quotes there very touching.. nd guess what i am only fourteen.. but ofcoarse i have a crush.. i am toatally telling her dis.. thankz!!

      peace! tommy is 'out'

    • profile image

      All Rounder 5 years ago


    • profile image

      anthony 5 years ago

      very waxy .i love them

    • profile image

      Mec11 5 years ago

      Hey, IDK who u r. But, ur helping me a lot. I've been working on my blog all year long and it is devoted to my crush. I am sending him the link next week and wanted some quotes. Urs were soooo helpful!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I love them all...but if you read it all together, it looks like a story relating to everyone...^_^

    • profile image

      Katie 5 years ago

      Love it I'm still not over my 7 year crush

    • profile image

      Smile 5 years ago

      I loved what you said in the quote it was really x3 nice loved it

    • profile image

      Ezzie 5 years ago

      I'm just wondering did you steal my diary because half of these quotes are about me. :D

      Thank you so much for these quotes please post up more :D

    • profile image

      kat_meeüü 6 years ago

      nyc kowtx..,i love it nakakarlate tlga.üü

    • profile image

      April shereen 6 years ago

      Omg...I Love These Quotes..There Just Awesome Love It! :)

    • profile image

      Lydia 6 years ago

      Love the quotes! I feel the exact same way! :/

    • profile image 23 6 years ago

      -OMG!!!these really helped me !!i send this to one of my CRUSHES and i finaly now how much he likes me im so happy now that i know how he feels about Me !!!at first i really was scared to till him but ii guess not really cause he fells the same way about me !!!:) well thank you for who ever wrote this it helped me a lot and me and the person im with we been togeather for a llong time no its going to be 5 years alreaddy !!and he justed preposed to me only 23 and still hot and got a man !!!:)

    • profile image

      Julia 6 years ago

      I LOVE all the quotes! i like this kid hes like my best friend and he told me he has feelings for me but he doesn't want to go out cause if we break up he doesn't want to hurt me.. we talk for about 2 hours every night and i called him today, yesterday, and the day before to tell him its hurting me more to know that your probably lying to me saying that you like me just to make me feel better. it hurts more that if you do have feelings for me you wont even give a relationship between us a chance. hes been ignoring me now last time i saw him he seemed pissed and it just makes me feel worse. hes the one i go to with anything and now hes just making me feel sooooooo much worse about everything i have going on in my life when he was the most important thing.

    • profile image

      Felicia 6 years ago

      Nyc emily,jst made me crush hs a grlfrnd 2 bt i wsh he'll knw jst hw mch he means to me.thnx.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Woow jst wht i was lookng for:):).. Its cute, sad.. I love it, maybe if he sneaks into my bag and grab it out, mayb he will then knw wht he really means to me..:)

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Woow jst wht i was lookng for:):).. Its cute, sad.. I love it, maybe if he sneaks into my bag and grab it out, mayb he will then knw wht he really means to me..:)

    • profile image

      Juliet 6 years ago

      Thanks! they sure helped.

    • profile image

      skuxxy 6 years ago

      hei emily yur quotes are all true...thnx :)

    • profile image

      eunice 6 years ago

      sana magustuhan ako ng crush ko dahil sa quotes nato! ilove it very...

    • profile image

      EmmaDiana 6 years ago

      I like your quotes ....but I wish some of these were true for me and my crush

    • profile image

      bobster 6 years ago

      love the quotes

    • profile image

      jenelyn celiz 6 years ago

      So inspiring makes me strong enough

    • profile image

      Kyra Beaulne 6 years ago

      Hey Emily thx for the quotes! i have been trying to find good one and i just did. Thx they will do nicely.

    • profile image

      James majur 6 years ago

      Hey Emily I love your quotes So much

    • profile image

      kristen 6 years ago

      your quotes are so soothing for me that i can acually find a way to get the guy i "love".

    • profile image

      tg gundy 6 years ago

      ive been looking for a really good qoute for a while.... but when i seen this one (When I sleep at night I have dream about you and me being together. When I am awake it's a nightmare, watching you be with her...)... its so true that's me right there... :) so thanks

    • profile image

      jp mancol 6 years ago

      nice and cool

    • profile image

      fff 6 years ago

      these are perfect for how i feel right noww!!

    • profile image

      conii 6 years ago

      wow nice it is so cool.......

    • profile image

      Zeni :)* 7 years ago

      ahw they are soo cute..i love them tons :)*

    • profile image

      GUESS509 7 years ago

      Thanks wow just what I was looking for!

      I spent forever looking for quotes like these thank you so much... you should put more before i use them all lol

    • profile image

      jaizy 7 years ago

      fabulous quotes nka2rel8 aq0h..!!

    • profile image

      Grace 7 years ago

      They sre all so cute :) just made my day

    • profile image

      LYNA 7 years ago

      nice quotes! i love it. (:

    • profile image

      yoyo23 8 years ago

      Hey Emily! Omg I LOVE your blog! The quotes you write are so inspirational, moving and I can really connect with what you are saying! Thank you for making this blog! You Rock! Bye!