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Brazilian Women, and What They Are Like

Updated on March 24, 2013
Brazilians love the beach
Brazilians love the beach | Source
Nice add
Nice add | Source

Brazilian women have a lot of similarities to Colombian women. The difference is that the Colombian women speak Spanish and the Brazilian women speak Portuguese. These gorgeous women of Brazil are well educated, spontaneous, sensual, and ready to have a good time. Brazilian women are more obsessed with their physical condition and health than other women. They workout and are very conscious of living healthy. Athletics plays a more dominate role in their lives because of their desire to stay in good shape. They particularly gravitate to beach sports since they have a warm climate and miles and miles of beautiful beaches. A great deal of the major cities of Brazil are on the coast, so the women of Brazil are very beach oriented.

The affinity to beach sports is evident when one visits the beaches in Rio de Janeiro. The beaches are littered with people playing beach volleyball. Womens beach volleyball has become a very big sport in Brazil. Women are also actively participating in foot volley and Roda de Bola on the beach. Foot volley is a version of volleyball where one uses his or her feet and head to move the ball around. Roda de Bola is a game played in a circle where one can pass the ball using one's head, feet, and shoulders, but not one's hands or arms. I am including a video of a Red Bull sponsored Roda de Bola womens competition on a beach in Rio de Janeiro.

This is a video in Portuguese, but that does not make any difference.

Below are some more pictures of some Brazilian women athletes.

Woman playing Roda de Bola
Woman playing Roda de Bola | Source
Professional volleyball in Brazil
Professional volleyball in Brazil | Source
Brazilian women in the Olympics
Brazilian women in the Olympics | Source

Like some other Latin countries, the Brazilian population is a combination of the Indigenous Indians, Europeans, and Africans. There has always been a lot of intermarriage and inter sexual relationships. The result is a very attractive population. The women especially benefit from this combination of races. This multi-cultural society is obsessed with partying and dancing. This is reflected in the world famous Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, where the women play a major role in the festivities. The women go to great lengths to decorate themselves for the Carnaval. The costumes are just awesome. Some women dance in the street naked with costumes only painted on their bodies, and many of the other costumes don't sufficiently cover a woman's body.



The Brazilian women are very similar to the Colombian women in that they are looking for a loving, trustworthy, and reliable guy. Because the Brazilian men are more apt to be un-faithful, the Brazilian women are more than willing to look beyond their borders for a man. Americans are considered to be more faithful and more reliable, therefore they make better husbands. Many of the women in Brazil speak some English, so that is a help for anyone who does not speak Portuguese.

The women of Brazil are renown for being beautiful and un-inhibited. The Brazilian society is so different from that in the United States. It is more free and the people love music and they love to dance. So if one would like to spend time with a Brazilian woman, he had better plan on learning some of the local dances. The women don't care about your dancing proficiency, only that you participate.

The women, like the men in Brazil, are very open minded and accepting. The color of ones skin is of little importance to them. The quality of the person is much more important. I believe that this is a result of generations of intermarrying between the races. As I learned in biology a hybrid is always superior to a purebred. I personally have known many Latin women from the Dominican Republic, to Colombia, to Brazil, and I can vouch for the fact that the combination of the African, Indian, and European races produces a woman that is very beautiful. They have beautiful skin that seems to resist aging. They are darker complected with big dreamy dark eyes and big beautiful white smiles. And best of all they are fun loving and positive.

Combination of Races produces a beautiful Brazilian Woman


Another thing that sets these women apart from American and European women, is that they come from relatively poor backgrounds. They are usually hard workers and they appreciate what they have. They value a good husband and they work very hard to please.

There are ways to meet Brazilian women while living in the United States. and are a couple of websites that help one meet Latin women and Brazilian women. One can meet some wonderful women while working on one's Portuguese.


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    • profile image

      CharlesDickens33 7 months ago

      Hi Gabe, Not sure if you will see this. The stunning woman in yellow that you were asking about is Emanuela de Paula. She is a famous model and absolutely gorgeous. A wonderful mix of African, Latin and Indigenous blood. These dark skin colors that you see in Brazil are magical; God bless intermixing!

    • profile image

      Gabe 21 months ago

      Does anyone know the name of the lady in the very first picture with the yellow bikini? She is absolutely stunning.

    • profile image

      23 months ago

      So sexist.

    • profile image

      John 2 years ago

      Oh whoops this is a different author..still agree

    • profile image

      John 2 years ago

      Agreed Aurora,

      This girl has written some very ill prepared blogs that somehow found circulation into the hands of anti-American guy I know which is how I initially found her. But all of her blogs are just pure garbage lacking any substance.

    • profile image

      Lia 2 years ago

      Thank you, Aurora :)

      I am also brazilian, but I´ve been living in Europe for a while. This kind of text (and line of thought) can give brazilian woman a veery hard time abroad.


    • profile image

      AuroraAmora 2 years ago

      You lost me here. There is an insanely amount of generalizations, idealizations and stereotypes in your text. Not all Brazilian women are dark-skinned, not all come from poor backgrounds, and not all are eagerly seeking men. Not all are so understanding, open minded and accepting. I don't know how big your pool was but the results seem awfully skewed. Your talk about races and all, and your comments on how "Brazilian work hard to please men" are just creepy. Sorry, "bro," try something less condescending and less "Romantic." For the record, I am a Brazilian woman.

    • iguidenetwork profile image

      iguidenetwork 4 years ago from Austin, TX

      Nice hub, friend. Gorgeous women indeed, thanks to their mixed ethnicity, their different social background, and also their lifestyle that make Brazilian women truly unique. Nice looking at their photos. Thanks for posting. Up and awesome, beautiful.