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Breaking Up Via Text Message

Updated on February 23, 2016


Do you think it is ok to end a relationship via text message?!

Text Break Up

Breaking Up By Text Message



  1. Meet Somewhere there is a lot of people present and tell him or her the news.
  2. Give him or her the reasons why there is a need for a change and tell them it's over.
  3. Let them know exactly what is going on and let them speak.
  4. Listen to them for a little while.
  5. Let them know that it is truly over.
  6. Ask them to give you your space and please don't disrespect it.
  7. End the conversation in a respectable manner.
  8. Do not kiss or anything..maybe a brief hug and leave the area.
  9. Ignore all calls, texts, e-mails, facebook or any other social media contact.
  10. JUST MOVE ON!!!!

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    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

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    • WordNLipsAffair profile image

      WordNLipsAffair 8 years ago

      Yes "Not Telling" we had to face the person before texting and computers and now things are easier when you want to be a "punk" or actually want to hide from the situation so that's why ppl do it but let's say someone is in an abusive relationship..I think then texting/email would be ok plus the threat of a restraining order and police involvement..

    • profile image

      Not Telling 8 years ago

      Since when is it right to breakup with someone via text message, regardless of the situation? Even if they cheated on you, why not say, I don't want you any longer b/c you cheated. I think new technology makes people careless. What did we do before texting/computers? We had to face the person.

    • BrainSpace profile image

      BrainSpace 8 years ago from North Carolina

      I think it depends on the situation. The person may have cheated on them, and if so then they don't deserve the respect to be told the "right way" that its over. I think a text message would suffice.

      But if its because the two of you are not seeing eye to eye or you just don't want to pursue it anymore, then I think breaking up via text message is wrong.

    • WordNLipsAffair profile image

      WordNLipsAffair 8 years ago

      Some people say they can't communicate how they are feeling so they just send a text message..if the person doesn't want you why care if the text is insensitive obviously they don't care enough or anymore so if that text ever comes across my phone...I'm taking it as the person doesn't respect me or just doesn't want me anymore and it's time to move fuss no sorrow!

    • profile image

      Not Telling 8 years ago

      I think it is wrong to break up with someone over text. That is so insensitive and impersonal. Why not talk to the person and here their view on the relationship. You never know, whatever issues you have may be able to get resolved and if it can't be at least both of you will be on the same page. You also will learn what not to do with your next relationship.


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