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Bridal Shower Planning

Updated on August 14, 2010

What is a Bridal Shower?

 The main point of a bridal shower is to get together with close friends and family to relax and have fun together. Giving gifts to the soon to be husband and wife as they start on their journey of life together. And it is a traditional commonplace for the maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids to set up the event and to host it for the bride. Usually the bridal shower is taking place while the men are having the bachelor party.

When planning a bridal shower

  •  First and foremost, do not intend on inviting guests who are NOT invited to the wedding!
  • Will this party for the bride be strictly for females or for couples?
  • Generally bridal showers are held in the afternoon, but anytime of day is acceptable.
  • Make the guests comfortable. A few patrons of the bridal shower may or may not know one another. So do things that are going to be fun for all involved. Have games that may be icebreakers for them.
  • Make sure the bride is registered somewhere so that people attending the bridal shower can know what to bring.
  • Make sure the bride knows to keep her registry affordable for those on a strict budget.
  • Unless you are planning on surprising the bride to be, include her in the bridal shower planning process. But don't overwhelm her with every minor detail.
  • Party favors for the guests! This doesn't have to be anything expensive!

Throwing a unique bridal shower

 The best part about being the maid of honor is all the neat things you get to do for the bride to show her just how much she means to you. And that includes throwing her a bridal shower. This is the maid of honors time to shine in creativity and uniqueness. This is a time when the maid of honor and the bridesmaids all come together and set up, pay for, create, and entertain for the bride. But of course you as the maid of honor will have to know what it is that the bride could truly want for that day! So get together and brain storm. You and the bridesmaids would know her the best. That is why she picked you after all to stand up next to her on her one special day!

Several factors are involved when creating the bridal shower : when, where, who and how much.

When : Consulting the bride on the date and time of the shower is essential! The days and months leading up to the wedding are probably going to be busy and booked. So remember to find out when will be more convenient for her.

Who : First figure out who else might be throwing a shower of some sort for the bride to be. Then take the time to figure out your guest list. If a shower is being thrown for the bride by someone else find out who's coming to that one and cross them off your list. It's not a good idea to invite someone to more than one shower. Coordinate with the bride and even the mother of the bride to find out who will be attending any other showers that are held for the bride, to determine more accurately who you will need to invite.

Where : This could get pretty tricky. Again it all goes back to the Who. A hometown, a college town, current city etc. It also depends on your guest list. So get with the bride early on and find out where she would be more comfortable having the shower.

How Much : As the maid of honor you should probably sit down with the bridesmaids and discuss some sort of budget early in the planning process. Typically the cost should be divided evenly among all of you. The budget you plan on having for the shower can also determine things like your location, food, who will be invited, decorations, and party favors. Every financial situations is going to be different, so sit down and have a discussion on your budget.

Once the maid of honor and the bridesmaids have all these details figured out they can start with the fun stuff! Like games, decorations, food, gifts and more!

Bridal Shower Themes

 Let's face it, the year is 2010 and traditional bridal showers are out the window. More and more bridal showers are all about "themes" but you may not be sure as to what kind of theme could suit the bride to be. Well here is a quick list of a few ideas for themes for your bridal shower.

  • Wine and Cheese tasting shower
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Engagement Party
  • Alphabet Shower
  • Makeover shower
  • Picture Perfect
  • Naughty & Nice Shower
  • Multicultural Shower
  • Cowboy shower
  • Hearts Shower
  • Couples Stock the Bar shower
  • Couples Patio Shower
  • Couples Home Improvement Shower
  • Bed & Breakfast shower
  • Kitchen Shower
  • Christmas Ornament Shower
  • Beauty & Pamper Shower
  • Room to Room Shower
  • Flowers and Chocolate Shower
  • Garden Shower
  • Princess Shower
  • Pink Shower
  • Ice Cream Shower
  • Ocean Shower
  • Wine & Dessert Shower
  • Candlelight Shower

You can find the meaning behind these different types of bridal showers by visiting



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