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Bride Speeches - Writing a Toast that Everyone Will Remember Fondly

Updated on May 3, 2011

Do you need to write a Bride Speech?

There is plenty of expert writing advice right here on the Bride Speeches advice site.

Are you nervous about giving bride speeches at the wedding reception?  Are your hands sweating just thinking about having to stand up and speak in public?  As your wedding day gets closer and closer bride speeches are something that you should take care in planning before the big day.

Although bride speeches don't have to be really extensive your words should be carefully chosen.  Your bride speeches will most likely be the most anticipated of the wedding speeches because of the fact that this day was created in honor of you and your new husband.  Here are some tips for writing bride speeches that everyone will remember fondly.

Give Thanks To Everyone

Start off by letting everyone know how appreciative you are for all of the wedding guests coming to be a part of your big wedding day.  You need to thank especially your mother and your bridesmaids for helping you to get the wedding all planned and for sticking with you through all of the hard work that was involved like all of the wedding rehearsal and dress fittings that they went to in order to get prepared for the wedding day.

Don't forget to give a message of thanks to the groom and his family as well.  Remember now that you are married, his family is just as important as your own family.  Pay careful attention in your bride speeches to all of the parents and grandparents if they are in attendance.

Don't make the mistake of getting overly emotional in your speech.  Not only will this turn off the guests but you will look like a drama queen.  If you get a few tears in your eyes that's perfectly fine but don't go over the top and act like you are performing on stage.  There is no reason for this and it will distract the wedding party from the real purpose of your bride speeches which is to deliver a message of gratitude to the other wedding guests.

Ideas for Stories and Jokes to Tell

If you are going to tell jokes or stories during your bride speeches make sure that they are tasteful and will not cause you, the groom or anyone else embarrassment.  If you are writing your bride speeches and you find that whatever you are planning to say might not be received well by everyone at the wedding, just don't say it!

If you are in need of some ideas for writing the bride speeches, don't hesitate to do a little research online.  There are plenty of websites that can give you ideas for topics that you can include in bride speeches.  Some common topics for bride speeches are telling the story of how and the groom met, writing a poem or love letter to your new husband, writing a message of gratitude toward your parents, just to name a few.

There are so many ways that you can approach writing bride speeches.  However the best way to write bride speeches is just to make sure that you include the message of thanks and also make everyone feel welcome.  These are the two points that every bride speech must have.  Anything else that you add to the speech beyond those items is completely not required and is up to you.


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