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Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

Updated on December 30, 2010

Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

Avoid wedding day disasters! Minor emergencies can turn into big disasters if it happens on your wedding day. Are you prepared if the bride rips her dress or looses a button? If she breaks a nail and needs nail glue? If the groom needs a bandage or deodorant? Are you prepared if a rubberband, mirror, tweezers, safety pin, or dental floss are needed? Did you remember to bring mints for the bride and groom, a lint brush, tissues?

There are so many minor things that could go wrong on your wedding day. However, if you are the bride, you may see these minor things as disasters. Don't let your day be ruin, be prepared!

What about the honeymoon? Are you prepared for that too? Read more...

Avoid wedding day disasters with the BrideSaver kit. This kit contains over 40 items to help you survive wedding day. Plus, after the wedding, it can be taken on your honeymon. The case can even be used as a handbag, travel case, or a cosmetic bag later. The kit comes in a cute, retro flower covered bag and makes a great bridal shower gift! The items in the BrideSaver kit contains over 40 items including, Hair Spray, Hair Brush, Deodorant, Lotion, Mirror, Ponytail Holder, Tissues, Hand Wipe and Hand Sanitizing Wipe, Tampons, Maxi Pads, Tooth Wipe, Flosser, Breath Mints, Pain Reliever, Antacid, Imodium, Cough Drops, Bandages and Alcohol Pad, Manicure Kit and Tweezers, Nail Glue, Vanity Kit (cotton swabs, cotton balls, nail file), Nail Polish Remover Wipe (for mistakes, smudges, or after the wedding), Makeup and Eye Makeup Remover Wipes, Sewing Kit, Stain Remover Wipe, Static Eliminator, Bobby Pins, Safety Pins, and Earring Backs, Tape and Super Glue, Double-sided FashionSaver Tape (to prevent wardrobe malfunctions), Sandpaper (to scuff up the bottom of your shoes so you don't slip), Smelling salts (in case someone faints), Rings (just in case someone forgets them, it happens!) and Drinking Straw.

This kit IS a BrideSaver

Wedding Day Survival Kit - A Must Have For Every Bride!

Ms. & Mrs. Wedding Day Survival Kit
Ms. & Mrs. Wedding Day Survival Kit

Product FeaturesFabric-lined metal attache case measures 10x6.5x3.5" and features a built-in mirror30 must-have essentials including, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, tissues, hairspray, static remover, Band-Aids, mints, clear nail polish, bobby pins, double-sided hem tape, stain remover, pain relievers, sewing kit, super glue, brush, dental floss and lotion


Wedding Disaster Videos

I Survived My Daughter's Wedding! Gifts

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Groom's Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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Over 30 items, in a nice black leather travel case, to help the Groom survive his wedding day. Includes: Hair Gel, Comb, Deodorant, Razor and shaving cream, Tissues, Hand Wipe and Hand Sanitizing Wipe, Flosser, Breath Mints, Pain Reliever, Cough Drops, Bandages and Alcohol Pad, Manicure Kit, Sewing Kit, Stain Remover Wipe, Lint Remover, Static Eliminator, Safety Pins, Super Glue, Handkerchief, Smelling salts (in case someone faints), Rings (just in case someone forgets them, it happens!)

How To Catch The Bouquet

Bridesmaid Survival Kit - They make great gifts for your bridesmaids!

Another alternative is to purchase one of these cute bridesmaid bags and create your own bridesmaid kits.

Click on any bag to purchase.

Bridesmaids are there to support the bride in every way. But who helps them when they face a minor emergency? Enter The Bridesmaid's Survival Kit. This compact collection of 18 essentials comes in a discreet, silver-tone mesh case so that ladies can keep it within reach all wedding day long.

The matching gift tag reads: Thanks for being my bridesmaid. I couldn't have survived without you.

Emergency Kit for 1-4 Women

With You in Mind, inc. - Wedding Day Emergency Kit (1-4 women)
With You in Mind, inc. - Wedding Day Emergency Kit (1-4 women)

Over 30 different items for a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency.3 different size bags available depending on the size of your Wedding Party. Perfect gift for a Wedding Shower!


Marriage Survival Kit

Marriage Survival Kit
Marriage Survival Kit

Product Description'MARRIAGE SURVIVAL KIT 1. A star-to keep the twinkle in your eyes. 2. White rag-to know when to throw in the towel. 3. Clock-so you will always have time for each other. 4. Button-to close your mouth before you say an unkind word. 5. Ribbon-for your finger to remind you of the good times. 6. Eraser-because everyone makes mistakes and that's OK. 7. Emery board-to sand off rough surfaces and keep things smooth. 8.Toothpick-so you won't be too "picky". 9. Bubble gum-to blow things off 10. Mint-because the relationship is worth a mint. 11. Penny-so you always have the "cents" to value your relationship. 12. Candy kiss-so there will always be affection. Discounts available when ordered in bulk


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    • profile image

      Romavictor 6 years ago

      interesting lens, very different

    • profile image

      biglnet 8 years ago

      Great lens with some essential ideas. Thanks for including a couple of my binders. What a nice surprise!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      My daughter's getting married next year, and all these survival kits could make a mom a little nervous! How about a mom's survival kit? It would just have to have one item - a tranquilizer. Nice job!