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Bride on a Budget: Balloon Centerpieces

Updated on December 27, 2008

One of the least expensive ideas for centerpieces is that of balloon bouquets. Simply buy balloons in your color scheme and weight them down with an object at the center of each table.

You have several options when it comes to balloons. The high quality pearlescent balloons are probably the most attractive and fitting for a reception or rehearsal dinner. You can choose to buy balloons in all different hues of the same color, or you can vary the colors. You can mix the colors in the bouquets or you can opt to create monochromatic bouquets. You could have a bouquet of all green and place it on a table with green decorative elements and green stemware and plates. You could then have rose color table, a gold table, a yellow table, etc.

When tying the balloons consider using the ordinary curly ribbon or striking otu and using something a bit different. Maybe some more decorative ribbon from the craft store or raffia. You could then tie a big bow around the base of the string or ribbon holding the bouquet toether. Tieing it out of toule lends an airy/dreamy quality to the table.

Remember when working with latex balloons, you don't have long before they stop floating. Don't arrange them too far ahead of time and consider purchasing some High Float or spray that makes them last. Also, to save money, consider renting a helium tank. Party stores also have small helium tanks one can buy.


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