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7 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas that Double as Wedding Essentials

Updated on January 30, 2014

Giving bridesmaids gift has, apparently, become a modern-day wedding tradition and if you are looking for the type that spells gorgeous, useful, treasure-worthy, easy on the pocket, and bound to make your girls bloom on the wedding day, then why not take your pick from these seven (7) bridesmaids gift ideas that double as wedding essentials? The sight of them alone is sure to draw your bridesmaids to the fun, exciting, and romantic mood of your wedding.

Bridesmaid Hair Accessories


Make your bridesmaids standout among the crowd with dainty headpieces, like DIY flower garlands, floral hair clips, pearly headbands that they can wear even on ordinary days, dazzling fascinator combs, a sparkling tiara, or a colorful bird cage veil to match your elegant affair. Wrap them neatly in a box with a personalized gift tag to make them more attractive and easy to keep after the event as a souvenir.

Bridesmaid Robes


Make the bridal room more festive and colorful by gifting your girls the perfect bridesmaids robe that they can wear while dressing up for the big celebration. From floral cotton to robes to silk kimono robes and personalized robes, your bridesmaids robe is sure to make for a heart-warming gift that your girls can keep as souvenir and use after the event as bathrobe, travel robe, or lounge wear.


An Artsy Wedding Clutch Bag

Aside from the flower bouquet, your bridesmaids may also need an artsy wedding clutch bag that they can use for holding their wedding essentials, like handkerchief, mobile phone, and pocket-sized mirror, powder, lip gloss, and fragrance for a quick retouch.

You can make them yourself by decorating a plain purse or clutch bag with silk flowers, beads, and sequins; order them as custom-designed silk bags from your gown’s couturier; or, shop them from your favorite designer brand or wedding supplier – even fill them with a piece or two of the makeup kit that you think they could not live without.

Rangoli Brooch by Aisling Nelson
Rangoli Brooch by Aisling Nelson | Source

A Fancy Pin or Brooch

If you love the idea of giving your bridesmaid a piece or set of bijoux jewelry but unsure whether they will like it or not, then a fancy pin or brooch will be a great alternative. They are always elegant-looking enough to serve as a fine add-on to every lady’s gown or dress, your bridesmaid can even use them as an accessory for their hair, flower bouquet, or classy clutch bag.


Foldable Shoes

Think your girls will need a lot of walking during the wedding day or a fashionable pair of shoes that is perfect for your outdoor wedding?

Then a comfy pair of foldable shoes that will go smart from the bridal room to the wedding reception would definitely make for a great gift. Foldable shoes are available in various colors and styles so you can shop them in the shade of your color motif and embellish them with beads, faux pearls, and silk flowers to make them perfect for the wedding scene.

Not just set to offer a great comfort for the feet, your bridesmaids are sure to love them, too, as an addition to their fashionable footwear.

Wedding Hand Fans and Parasol Umbrellas


Getting wed during the summer? Then wedding hand fans and lace parasols are the perfect pair of accessories to keep your brides' maids cool and fresh despite the hot and humid weather, they can also infuse more colors to your wedding venue. You can also personalize your bridesmaids’ hand fans with flowers to turn them into hand fan bouquets, or embellish them with rhinestone stickers or with your bridesmaid’s monogram. Finally, wrap them in a pretty box to finish as gift for bridesmaids.


Beauty and Skin Care Treat

Every girl – not just the bride – ought to shine on the wedding day, and whether or not your girls have been stressing out themselves during the precious pre-wedding days for the preparation, then a fine beauty and skin care gift would surely make for a fabulous surprise. Have them as gift baskets or gift certificates to a skin care spa, nail spa, or a beauty hub so you and your ladies can enjoy a much-deserved spa-party and flaunt your perfect skin during the big day.

Bridesmaid Cake or Pastry Gift


Not necessarily a wedding essential, but if you only have a few hours until the wedding day and your bridesmaids’ gift still needs to be fulfilled, then take a quick trip to a patisserie and grab a fresh and tasty concoction of themed cookies, mini cakes, or pastries of your choice. Just wrap them each in a decorative gift box, slap on a bow and gift tag, and they are ready to go as edible bridesmaids’ gift.

Finally, remember that however small or big your bridesmaids gifts are, they are never dressed for the occasion until they are beautifully wrapped. So give them a delightful packaging so they come out attractive at a glance.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      I love the fans and umbrellas, that is so unique and they are so pretty!