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Bring the Passion Back into Your Relationship

Updated on October 1, 2010

Whether you've just had a baby, been together for years, or simply in a rut, often we will feel the passion fading away in our relationship. And when the passions gone, the love is gone, right?... Wrong. You just need to light that fire again. Reminding yourself and your partner of your love and how strong it is will get your passion back. You may think that only the big things really that matter in a relationship, but what really counts is all the little things that we tend to overlook. These simple little things can help remind your partner exactly how much he loves you and why he loves you. Not only will it remind him, but it will show him how much you love him, and likely remind you as well.

Love yourself. In order to be confident in your relationship, you need to be confident in yourself. Don't get too comfortable and get lazy about fixing yourself up. Everbody needs some "me time." Take a relaxing bath, buy a new dress and some heels, put on some sexy lingerie, or even just spraying that irresistable perfume, but don't forget to make "yourself" feel good. He will take one look at you and think how lucky he is to have such a beautiful woman by his side.

Don't nag. Next time you feel like saying something negative to your man, stop and think. Does it really matter? And more than likely it doesn't. Stop pointing out the negative and look at the positive. Love your man as he is, flaws and all. Laugh about the annoying little habits he has and just remember that they make him who he is, and that is why you love him. Remind him of that, and he will love you even more for it.

Leave him love notes. I know, I know, it sounds cheesey, but in all reality its nice to find a note with something that makes you smile written on it. It can be a simple "I love you" on a post-it note next to his keys or a "Good Morning Handsome" on his nightstand to see when he wakes up. Whatever you write or wherever you leave the note, more than likely it will make him smile and remind him just how much and why he loves you.

Appreciate him. How often do you tell your man "Thank You" or "I really appreciate you doing _____" If you really think about it, you could probably be saying it a lot more often. It's not always the big things that count, its the small things that add up and really mean the most. The next time he takes out the trash let him know that you notice by saying "Thank You." You can also be less demanding or needy if you ask in that manner too. Say you need help carrying the laundry. Instead of telling him to do it, Ask, and let him know that you would appreciate it very much. "Hey baby, could you help me carry this? I'd really appreciate it." And by simply saying these things to your man you can really change the way he feels about his role in the relationship. It will remind him of why he does those things in the firsrt place, because you are grateful and you appreciate him. Don't ever let him forget that.

Touch him. Have you forgotten all the little touches that once gave you butterflies? Odds are you and your mate aren't touching in those innocent little ways anymore, and you may not notice just how much you're missing. Glide your hand down his arm as you pass by in the room, reach over and rub your hand down his cheek as you're talking, rest your hand on his leg as you're watching T.V. or hold his hand. These simple little touches are all important in a relationship. Want to do more? Offer your man a nice massage after a hard day at work, but let him know you are doing it because you appreciate him and want to help him relax, not because you want a massage in return.

Kiss him. As time goes on, couples often get tangled up in the stress and busyness of the every day life and the affection between them slips away. The hot steamy make out sessions become a quick peck as you're walking out the door. So make your kisses count, next time you are heading out, kiss him as if you weren't coming back. Send him off to work thinking about that kiss all day, and he'll be dying to get back home to you and finish what you started. When he least expects it pull him into you and kiss him like you really mean it. Put your heart into it and bring that passion back!


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