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British Women and American Men

Updated on June 4, 2014

European Women

European Women
European Women | Source

Solid Accent From Britain Women

When I meet a girl from London she is usually quite proper in her English that it just flows so nicely through the air. It is refreshing to hear some accents. There are other countryside accents that can be harsh and very unattractive also that I need to mention. Hardcore English accents can leave you baffled. Confusing you to the point of exhaustion. Trying to hear what this person is saying can be very disturbing to some people.

The European women are very open sexually and this is attractive to some of the men I have talked to. There is an open door policy it seems. Sex is just sex, and to be nude on a beach in Europe is not uncommon. What’s the deal on this? Why are we so uptight in America about image and sexuality? I am not implying that women are easier to get to bed than an American women, but consciously they are less inhibited then American women. The spoken word from women of European countries is still very sensual and feminine that gets my attention.

British Women- Spoken Words

I have a thing with British accents in a women. They are very precise in their English and very specific in the way they talk. It is an elegant tone of voice that just drives men wild. The American men I have discussed this with, agree that women with accents are very alluring to men. It adds to the beauty of the British women and can make you feel very pleasant inside, although confusing at the same time. They have words that are perfect in pitch and tone that adds to the wonderful experience of talking to these women.

I find that the British women whom are musicians, sing and sound like they have no accent at all. Very interesting, is the way Ozzy Osborne talks and you can’t understand a word he says, however when he sings you can understand each and every word he sings. Maybe it’s the alcohol he drinks, somehow he just mumbles when he speaks. When I was in Australia, I fell for a young lady who called me by my name, and it was so elegant to hear, that it really turned me on. She did not have to say another thing and she had me. There are some Europeans that speak and you cannot figure out what the heck they are saying. In Australia a man is called a “Bloke” and a cigarette is a “Fag”. How funny that our languages could have such an effect on us. Makes you wonder if our government has problems with other countries over the use of language and how it is spoken. Could they be taking the language out of context? Possibility does exist that language barriers cause conflicts.

American Women are Loved Also

I guess this would show how our education is in America. I remember an Australian boy saying “Pardon” to me and I was like, wow this young kid that was a brat really had good English. Very polite he was, but an obstacle to control. The crime rate in Australia was very low as well, did this have to do with language? I doubt it, yet gun control seems to be at hand in this country. They were amazed at America and all the killing that goes on in our cities with guns.

Admittedly, in America we are a large mass of people and when we talk about Australia and England, these countries are very small. The population does not compare to the USA. This is probable as to why we have so many problems with guns getting into the wrong hands. Back to language though, this can be a fighting battle. They way language is taken and our brains the way they function cause us to explode with laughter or harmful circumstances. The American men and British women are not uncommon in developing relations. The spoken word by these women is not the deciding factor on if you will fall in love with a European women. They have problems and emotions as American women, they just speak it differently. We all need love in our lives.

American Women- American Accent

American Women- American Accent
American Women- American Accent | Source

We Love American Girls

In conclusion American women are very sexy and shave their armpits, or most of them do. That is a plus, and not practiced in all of society. Very much a turn off to most men is a hairy women. There seems to be a worldwide ordeal about hair on women and men, but that’s another discussion. The languages that British women possess is just how they were raised and where they were born. They have their share of issues that would baffle most men as American women can. American men will talk about accents when they meet such women from other countries and discuss this with their men friends. It is an obsession for some, and this is not too good. The attraction should be emotionally based on both American and British women. The American men just want to be loved as women do. There is just that difference in the two sexes that manipulate each other into issues at times.


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