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Engagement Broken? Who Keeps the Ring?

Updated on December 14, 2015
What happens to the ring when they don't live happily ever after?
What happens to the ring when they don't live happily ever after?

The Broken Engagement: A Sad State of Affairs...

When a couple becomes engaged, thoughts of Prince Charming and Cinderella enter one's mind. We can't help but hope for their "happiness ever after..."

But sometimes things go the wrong way. When I owned my bridal salon, we had about 12 weddings per year, cancel. It normally didn't occur until after the wedding invitations went out (maybe seeing it on paper made the reality of the situation sink in, who knows) and surprisingly, in my experience, more grooms-to-be broke up with brides than vice versa.

Too beautiful to part with?
Too beautiful to part with?

So Who Keeps the Engagement Ring?

A once had a client, an airline stewardess, who often visited her fiancé, who lived in Texas. One weekend, she decided to surprise him and showed up at his condo (she had a key). She walked in and caught him in bed with another woman. He said, "I have something to tell you..." 

She was so angry, that she took off her five carat engagement ring and threw it at him. She walked out the door, never to see him again... 

That did not hold true for her mother, who had spent $30,000 on non-refundable deposits to wedding vendors. She immediately called the cad and demanded the money. He refused. She called her attorney... 

No matter how angry you get....
No matter how angry you get....

And the Verdict Is?

The attorney told this now bankrupt MOB that the ring was their only out. According to him, her daughter could have kept the ring and they could have sold it to recoup their losses. Otherwise, they were out $30,000 and there was no legal remedy that they could initiate to hold this groom to task!

Moral of the Story: No matter how angry you get, girls, keep the ring on your finger and throw the nearest lamp!

NOTE: If the bride breaks the engagement (under ordinary circumstances), she would in good conscience, return the ring. If the groom does, the bride-to-be would retain it.


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