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Build A Stronger Relationship Through Emotional Intimacy

Updated on July 14, 2011

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Emotional intimacy develops as you along with your significant other discuss your feelings . As you two reveal your feelings and feelings, the other lovingly listens and offers support. When your emotional intimacy grows, you will begin to experience a stronger connection within your romantic relationship.

After I relocated to the state of Georgia, I knew no one in the town that I lived in. While cruising to the store, in my little sports vehicle with New Jersey state tags, a family pulled to the side of my car and honked their horn. They rolled down their vehicle windows and shouted "Whats up, we're transplants from New Jersey to!" I was pleased to see that there were other individuals currently in this new town of mine who were from Jersey. Although these people were total strangers, the fact that we were from the state of New Jersey made me feel like I had known them. We shared a unique experience.

However, sharing comparable experiences alone does not construct the level of long term closeness which emotional intimacy brings for your partnership. Enjoying events and experiences are fantastic however, you should be able to unreservedly share your inner most thoughts and your feelings about those activities and experiences also. Your emotions are internal and private part of an individual. The only way that your significant other will realize these inner thoughts and feelings is if you share them readily with them. As an example, I ensure that you and your best friends discuss the way you both feel about the issues that matter to you in your life. I'm also confident that you all respond supportively to one another. The emotional intimacy that you have with your friends keeps your connection close and strong.

Emotional intimacy won't appear in your partnership if you ever:

You share your intimate feelings with everyone. This can definitely diminish the value of the intimacy of your feelings. We all know what happens when a person shares a secret with everyone. The secret is not a secret anymore. This holds true for your intimate feelings. Only share your most intimate thoughts, feelings, and emotions with your partner. This will help your relationship to become closer and stronger.

You and your partner solely talk about situations however, you rarely focus on how you think relating to the occasions. Don't misunderstand me, discussing things that happened throughout the day or things in your experiences which you have gone through is a very effective and nourishing thing. However in order to create emotional intimacy with your partner you have to likewise talk about your feelings and inner most thoughts. This can help to create that ever-lasting and reliable loving relationship which every person wants.

You demand your mate to share their feelings with you. Sure, it's fine to wish your partner to express themselves to you. It's completely natural to want to share how you feel to your partner. However, not all people enjoy doing this. If you'd like your significant other to discuss their feelings and thoughts with you, do not expect it. Sooner or later, eventually they will come around. By trying to force individuals into opening up to you you'll develop aggression and disrespect towards each other as opposed to the emotional intimacy that you wish to have.

Rushing your loved one to discuss their thoughts and emotions with you. This does not work and inevitably backfires. If you would like to have an emotional intimacy with your partner, you'll have to practice patience. It can be difficult for some people to share their feelings and their deep thoughts with others -- even the ones they may be most comfortable with. Try to build a safe and comfortable ambiance for your better half. This helps your loved one to believe that it can be acceptable for them to share their feelings to you.

If you want to have a successful relationship, you will have to work on developing emotional intimacy. Grow closer to your partner by practicing the art of sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other. All the best!

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