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Why Building Relationships With Bad Habits Like Nagging Will Ultimately Fail

Updated on August 17, 2012

Most relationships will be destroyed because of bad habits.

They can have all the intentions of making it work, but these ingrained traits block them from truly being happy together. There's many such bad habits that can spell doom for a relationship.

Jealousy has been, and always will be the demise of so many relationships that are otherwise good. Perhaps, a girlfriend might always think that her boyfriend of hooking up with other girls. Or, it could be more subtle. A wife may suspect that her hubby is always looking for other women to take her place. Either way, the jealous person may have nothing real to worry about. This is when it gets to be nothing more than a bad habit.

Hearing what you want to hear is another bad habit that will be a big problem in a relationship. Selective hearing will make it difficult to pay attention to the partner's needs. One person will attempt to explain something that they feel should be important to them both, and the partner will say, "yes, yes," although not really paying attention.

But, when the 1st person says things that the 2nd person is interested in, all of a sudden it becomes a conversation. This can kindle some hostility, and slowly but surely erode the bond over time.

Constant Nagging Is A Relationship Bad Habit
Constant Nagging Is A Relationship Bad Habit

People can develop bad habits in long term relationships because they depend too much on the other. They lose the ability to take care of themselves because they depend so much on the other person. Someone in the relationship might be irresponsible at the job because of it. They may feel that they are taken care of anyway, so it does not matter. These bad habits can take over every aspect of their lives.

Too many partners have bad habits in their disagreements. All healthy couples wont agree from time to time. The bad habits come into action in how the arguments are executed. One partner can have the bad habit of screaming as loud as they can.

Another partner may break dinner plates. While the other may bring up arguments from back in the day to try to hurt the other's feelings. All these are awful habits in relationships because they are not positive forms of not agreeing.

Nagging their partner is another bad habit that can hurt a relationship. Usually you think of the woman doing this but men do it too. If both partners are nagging then this relationship is not healthy.

Playing the blame game comes with its own price. This bad habit is known to destroy relationships if it becomes way too redundant. If one person is taking all the blame that individuals self esteem can take beating and that's never a good feeling.

Most of the time, people will blame one another. If this happens, the usual result is a fall out between the two partners when this occurs. They do not want to be involved with someone who does not accept responsibility.

If you plan on having a strong relationship, you better get rid of your bad habits. The faster you understand what you both need to stay with each other, the greater your loving bond will be.


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