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Building a good relationship

Updated on November 10, 2012

So I am talking to this guy who I have met online and we strike up an interesting topic. We start talking about what we want in a good relationship and I bring up the subject of how important it is to have one important aspect to be able to build a successful relationship, that aspect would be friendship. If there is one thing that I have learned from my parents, on how to have a good successful relationship, it would be to have a good friendship because that helps in getting to know each other better and it is a good way to have great communication with each other.

Someone told me today that lots of times when it comes to being with someone, not everyone wants to start off as friends because they start to get the idea that is where the relationship will stop at, a friendship zone and no further. But that does not always happen because as friends you are learning more about each other and sometimes it is at that point that we either start having feelings that will take the relationship even further. At times when we learn more about each other, we realize that the person we are seeing can be that, just friends.

But if one is starting a relationship, there should be some kind of friendship because that is how one really gets to know their partner. This would be the part that they call dating, you are getting to know each other better, finding out whether or not that one person is the one you could see yourself with. Isn't this a way to start a friendship? We are learning more about each other, whether it is by answering each others questions or just watching to we each act when it comes to hanging out or just even having fun.

Everyone will probably have their own opinion about this, but to those who have successful relationships or even been married for a long time, how important was friendship?


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