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Button Bridal Bouquets

Updated on December 22, 2013
Button Bouquet
Button Bouquet | Source

Button Bride's Boutique

Brooch bouquet
Brooch bouquet | Source
Seashell design
Seashell design | Source

Modern Inspirations for A Bridal Bouquet

Apparently while some of us, were looking for the Kleenex box to blot away tears of joy, a modern bride came up with an extraordinarily romantic and rosy approach to the wedding bouquet. The wildly creative brooch bride's bouquet, was first introduced to the bridal world in 2005, by Amanda Jane Heer. The professional florist and floral artist, came up with the concept and designed the bridal bouquet for her own wedding.

Button Bouquets

Although not many American brides, have shed the traditional, floral, bridal bouquet; European and English non-conformist brides, cannot get enough of these whimsical displays of love. What has however, hit American brides by storm is the brooch bouquet's baby sister, the whimsical button bouquet. Made much like the brooch bouquet, all the supplies a D-I-Y bride needs for an intricate button bouquet are some floral wire, buttons, a Styrofoam ball or floral bouquet form (depending on the bouquet style), ribbon, and craft glue.

There are many variations to the button or brooch bouquets. Some are made with fabric accents, pearl hat pins, and other Victorian age notions. Because of the glitz and formal appeal of the brooch bouquet, it tends to be the logical pick for a formal wedding. But truthfully, that is just a matter of opinion. A D-I-Y bride could easily incorporate both the button bouquet and brooch bouquet, into one single design.

Not only has the brooch design been the inspiration for the button bouquet but, it has also been the creative solution to incorporating family mementos, keepsakes and even seashells, into the bridal bouquet. Being able to transform a brooch bouquet design into an entire seashell accented wedding bouquet, just proves that there is no end to its creativity. This beautiful bouquet design also offers a real health solution, for bridal couples, where one or more members of the bridal party, are allergic to pollens and flowers. Regardless of the reason for wanting something other than floral bouquets; these bouquets are a beautiful option for brides, wanting to break away from the humdrum, traditional floral bouquets!

D-I-Y Button Bouquet

Great resource for wedding reception button usages.
Great resource for wedding reception button usages. | Source

Carry the Concept Through Out the Wedding

A button bouquet non-floral theme not only works great for bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres, they also are fun to use during the wedding reception! If you choose to take the way of the nonconformist and use the button bouquet concept for the ceremony, continue to carry the concept through out the entire wedding event. Arrangements could easily be made for the reception tables, cake table, gift table, guest book stand, etc...

Try using the same style of buttons and colors that were used during the wedding. It is quite okay to make the wedding reception something funky and fun, just as long as it does not waver too far from the ceremony look. Adding new hints of color, might be an easy way of adding new touches that coincide with the ceremony but, are uniquely fresh for the reception decor.

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  • Lady Summerset profile image

    Lady Summerset 3 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

    Yes IntimatEvolution, that would be a spectacular idea for a romantic beach wedding!

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 3 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Hi Lady! Thanks so much for your input. I agree that seashell bouquet is a creative alternative. Imagine if you were getting married on a beach some where...

    It would look amazing.

  • Lady Summerset profile image

    Lady Summerset 3 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

    I really like the brooch idea but the sea shells are a very creative alternative.

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 3 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    When I saw the seashell design, it took my breath

    away. It is not something I would've chosen personally however, I was in awe of its maker's creativity. It had to somehow be included in this hub. Thanks for the feedback.

  • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

    Chitrangada Sharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

    These are so beautiful and so creative ideas! I loved all of them, but the Seashell design looks so wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas! Voted up!

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 3 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    So glad you stopped by to check it out! Thanks a ton.

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 3 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Wow...beautiful. I have so many ideas here about bouquets. Thanks for sharing with us. Nice pictures as well. Take care!

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 3 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Hey thanks! You know I had a mumsy style bridal bouquet and it cost my parents something like $200.00 to make back in 1994. Today you can build a very ornate bridal bouquet using this design for $75.00.

  • rebekahELLE profile image

    rebekahELLE 3 years ago from Tampa Bay

    Love these ideas! Beautiful and so creative and probably much cheaper than floral themes. The brooch bouquets are stunning. Very nice.

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