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Wedding Gift Ideas for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Updated on August 11, 2012

Saturday was a day of happiness and reckoning for many gay couples. Thousands of gay couples flocked to New York to tie the knot. New York is the largest state to legalize gay marriage and shows a step towards gay couples receiving the same rights as heterosexual couples.

So, the question is, now that gays are gaining the right to get married, what are some popular gifts that you can give them as a wedding present? Here are a few ideas:

Same Sex Jewelry Pieces

Everyone loves jewelry and a great way to express your support of your gay friend’s commitment to each other is with a great piece of jewelry that represents their union. A piece of jewelry that has joined same sex symbols can be a wonderful wedding gift to a gay couple.Split pendant style necklaces and family heirlooms make wonderful and thoughtful presents for the couple as well.


Hare, Hyena, Weasel

The Hyena, Hare and the Weasel are all emblems of the gay culture and have been for a number of years. Incorporating these animals into your gift is a way to create a memorable present that shows gay pride. Find out what the favorite animal of your friends is and keep that in mind when purchasing a pendant or a gay pin.


For your lesbian friends who are getting married, you may want to show a strong female symbol in the gift that you give. There are many symbols out there that are related to powerful female figures and could be used to create a great piece of jewelry or other type of gift.

The Labrys is a double-headed axe and is one of the strongest symbols of lesbianism. Creating a gift using the Labrys will make your gift special and memorable.

Gay Wedding Registries

With more and more gay couples tying the knot, the gay wedding registry is quite popular. These registries are a great way for the couple to let their friends and family know what they want. According to some research gay couples tend to shy away from the traditional linens and home ware. Instead, gay couples are setting new trends. Some of the most popular items that gay couples asked for in a recent report showed computer games, cocktail shakers, novelty items, oven mitts in the shape of hearts, and white china.

Show Support

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a gift for your gay friends is to show that you support them. Buy them a gift that shows how much you love and care about their happiness as a couple. If you take the time to choose something meaningful, your friends will truly appreciate it.


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