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Updated on March 28, 2011
Classic White Calla, Zantedesschia
Classic White Calla, Zantedesschia
Green Goddess Calla
Green Goddess Calla
Large white callas fully open.
Large white callas fully open. | Source

Sophisticated and elegant are apt descriptions for the bridal bouquet of classy calla lilies.

Named after an Italian botanist Zantedeschi, they are native to southern Africa and although lovely they are quite toxic. Munching on a calla can bring on acute bouts of vomiting and diarrhea so best confine them to a vase or bouquet. They are stunning in a tall glass vase or on the arm of a bride.

Callas are available in three sizes. The large comes in white or green, (Green Goddess) has a stem length of approximately 30 inches and a bloom of up to five inches across. It takes only a few of these big beauties to make up a bouquet. The stems are quite thick, from 1 inch or more and probably not the best choice for a tiny bride. These flowers can cost $5.00 or more per stem.

Large callas are slow to open and florists order them by what is called the “cut point.” The more open the bloom the more expensive.

Pictured is a bridal bouquet of approximately 9 medium sized blooms with a cut point of around 4-5. Extra foliage was added as a collar and the bouquet was finished with a white satin stem wrap and faux pearls studs.

The mini calla is probably the most popular with a stem length of approximately 20 inches. This little beauty comes in a rainbow of colors with tasty names such as mango, hot chocolate, crystal blush, black star, dark captain romance, fire glow, mini flame, garnet glow, Picasso and many more. The price for the more colorful minis can range from $3.50 to $5.00 per stem. White minis are the least expensive.

Pictured are wedding bouquets with white mini callas tucked into roses, ranunculus, stephanotis and tulips for the bridal bouquets. Also pictured a bright red bridal bouquet with fire engine red mini callas mixed with red tulips, red ranunculus and green berries.

The smallest calla lily is the posey with a stem length of approximate 10 to 12 inches. It is tiny and delicate. The posey also comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for boutonnieres, tiny tussie mussies and nosegays such as this lavender and purple bouquet.

Calla lilies tend to drip fluid after they are cut and care must be given to prevent damage to clothing. Removing them from water one hour before use is a good precaution.

Mini calla lilies add a special touch to centerpieces, bridal bouquets and look adorable on flower girl baskets. Tiny flower girls carrying multi colored bouquets of mini callas is too cute for words.



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