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Updated on July 31, 2012

According to National Enquirer, George Clooney may be giving marriage another shot with his current girlfriend Stacy Keibler. According to the tabloid George's mother Nina Clooney is pushing for George to make that committment finally because she feels that Stacy is the right girl for him. She even apparently set up the meeting with her parents.

I am not sure that I beleive this tabloid. I would not be so sure about the intention of Clooney's parents. However, I do feel bad for Stacy Keibler because this poor woman is just being toyed with. Living on false hope is not fun. No self respecting woman should have to put up with these types of games. I guess because he is George Clooney he can get away with it. If it was any other man I am not so sure.

I think George Clooney should start acting like a real man and stop relying on his parents for his decision making. If he wants to propose to his girlfriend Stacy Keibler, than he should do it out of his own free will. Otherwise he should just leave her alone and move on with his life. There is no reason why a fifty one year-old man would not be able to make his own independent decisions about his love life.

Maybe this is just a game he is playing so he never has to committ. I have seen men do this in the past and it is disgusting. If I was in place of any of his girlfriends I would not stick around for too long. A man has to know what he wants and if he is not sure than he should find out first before he gets involved with anyone else.

In celebrity culture people often do not get together for the right reasons. George himself stated he was looking for a woman with a kind heart. However, it seems to me that his main focus is dating supermodels. So this guy is full of contradictions. If people would just be honest about what they want out of a relationship from the start, a lot of these problems could be avoided.


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