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Calling In Your Soulmate and Other Romantic Encounters

Updated on August 24, 2017

In the market for a new love interest, but not sure what to do? You can call-in your potential mate. By calling-in your mate, you are casting an energetic net out into the world to snare a romantic partner. This is usually done with prayers and affirmations which is basically asking Universe/Source/God(dess) for a new love or placing an order. In addition to that, there are still other little things you can do to influence your subconscious to prepare you mentally to attract the mate specifically for you. Listed below are five basic steps you can try to call-in a new love interest. They are:

Step 1.) Write down the qualities and attributes that you would like to have for your new mate. TIP: You must share those same qualities and attributes to activate the Law of Attraction. For example, if you love science fiction and fantasy movies and books, then your mate should too. Opposites magnetize for a moment, then spin around or spin off completely. Like attracts like and holds together.

Step 2.) Create the proper environment for romantic love in your home and office. Using Feng Shui, create a corner that displays symbols of love and pairings. For instance, in the southwest corner of your main room, place two candles or two photos or even two knickknacks, plants, etc. on a small table. See the bagua illustrated below for the proper placements. Play romantic music. Always set a table for two. In your office, place the stapler and the tape canister together as though they were a couple, on the southwest side of your office, cubicle or desk. If you do not have a table or shelf for these placements, stick two memos on the wall in that space. If you have no wall or corner, then use a screensaver showing two items together.

Step 3.) De-clutter, clean and organize your bedroom. Nothing draws in the wrong kind of lover like dirt and confusion. Once everything is in order, place pink, red and white accents around the room to enhance its beauty. CAUTION: Use red sparingly. Too much red will draw a powerful physical aggressiveness to your bedroom that may not be safe.

Step 4.) Add a spiritual dimension to your request by burning a red candle for love every Friday. Friday is ruled by the planet Venus, the love planet named after the Roman Goddess of Love, as well as the African Goddess of Love and Beauty, Oshun. For Love Goddess Oshun, burn a yellow candle and play music by Beyonce.

Step 5.) Chant and listen to a love mantra for 3 minutes a day. You may also write your love mantra 108 times daily. YouTube offers a variety of love mantras to help call-in a mate. Simply search “love mantra”. Specifically, you may use “H-R-E-E-M” to attract a love with a dominance of masculine energy and “K-L-E-E-M” to attract a love expressing a dominance of feminine energy. To attract both, if you are polyamorous, use KLEEM.

These five steps for calling-in a mate are safe, tried and true. However, they may not guarantee you a date for this weekend, but they will help you to call in a love of a lifetime.

Peace & Blessings.

Place pairs of items in the SW section of your home to bring in your mate.



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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      14 months ago

      Interesting. Step 1 is extremely important.

      I would also add: "Get out there!"

      If you were pretty thorough with step 1 writing down the traits, habits, interests, and other details then you have a fairly good idea (where) you're likely to meet someone like him or her. In order to meet someone you have to run in their same circle.

      The law of attraction does not replace the law of action.

      No one ever won the lottery without buying a ticket!


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