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Can A Man Get Out Of The Friend Zone?

Updated on July 1, 2017

What will you say?

Here's some useful ideas about how to start a conversation about your feelings with your friend:

  • The more time I spend with you the more I realise how much I like you.
  • Lately I can't stop thinking about you and I realise I miss you when you're not around.
  • I've started to realise how much our friendship means to me.
  • Sometimes when we're talking I just feel like kissing you, but I've been holding back because we haven't really spoken about our friendship before.
  • Lately I've been hoping for a chance to talk about our friendship because I wanted to tell you how I've been feeling.
  • You have come to mean a lot to me and I wanted to take the time to tell you...

Can a man get out of the friend zone?

Yes, he absolutely can! If you decide to do nothing and stay in the friend zone, only fear is holding you back!

Many good relationships are built from a solid foundation of friendship. So if you're feeling like you're in the 'friend zone' with a woman, it's not the worst place to be! You don't need to feel bad about it.

Firstly, you already have a good friendship with the object of your desire - See it as something positive you can build on. Secondly, you are lucky that you know your feelings for the woman you are in a friendship with... Now the only thing you need to do is let your feelings be known! Otherwise you could start having bad feelings because you may begin to feel stuck in a position where you don't really enjoy.

Making your feelings known to your friend might seem daunting, but remember - you are already in a good position with you, having a friendship she enjoys and cherishes! You have now simply come to the stage where you have realised you would like to move forward to a more meaningful relationship with her.

Importantly, if you don't let your feelings about her known you face the real possibility of losing your friendship to a man who does let his feelings be known to her, and ultimately wins her heart. This would be far worse a situation than keeping your feelings a secret!

If you don't somehow find the courage to tell your special friend how you feel you also strongly risk NOTHING CHANGING! That is, if you don't make your romantic feelings know to her, she may not assume that you have these feelings for her at all. She could even start to feel confused about your friendship.

You see, in realising your feelings your friendship with her is already 'different'. It's no longer 'buddy buddy' for you. So the vibe you give off, if you don't tell her what you're feeling could start to confuse her. And women will often back off if they feel a relationship is too complicated for them.

So, if you want to get out of the friend zone, you need to talk to her about it as openly as possible. But, please be mindful that she may not be even slightly aware of your current feelings, so it is likely to catch her a little off guard. For this reason, I advise you against taking her out to dinner and making an 'announcement'. It's better to talk to her face to face about it at a time when you are relaxing together.

If ulitmately, you really feel you cannot bring up a conversation with her at all about it, it means you need to try to work on your communication with her. Afterall, how is she supposed to have a romantic relationship with you if you are not willing, for whatever reason, to share your true feelings with her.

After you've told her what you've been feeling you will then need to need to give her some time to process it. She'll need some space, if even just a little time, to think over what you said, when she's by herself. So after you've talked to her, do not SMS, message, email etc afterwards to enquire about how she's feeling just give her a little time to process what you said. It's really important to let her make up her own mind about her feelings towards you now that she knows you would like to take your friendship to the next level.... Now once she's decided she feels the same, then it's certainly time to stop acting like a mate, it's time to bring flowers, bring on the romance, and go on that dinner date!

Did you know?

  • A great number of women feel the best relationships start with friendship first
  • Your friend may make more male friends, some of whom will try to win her over with romance if you never say anything about your true feelings for her.

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