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Can Love Be Established by Virtual Networks Only?

Updated on September 1, 2015

Technology can speed up the time into finding a lover. There are many sites and applications that can help us to find someone who match with us. But now the question is, can love be established by virtual networks only? Well, in my opinion the answer is no.

Everyone has a different opinion about the definition of love. Since love has a deep and complicated meaning. But surely the strong urge someone feels for the person sitting on another computer screen is definitely not love.

One might argue that in these situations you may feel you are so made to each other which might even trick you to make you think you’re in love.

Nevertheless, I believe it is the doing of our brains that getting to know the other person through a web cam or texting that are seen as strong indicators that indeed that person is what we desire is a very strong candidate for whom we may feel love in the future.

But this is a feeling of hope that the other person is the prince charming because everything points that way. But on webcams people can wear masks. It is proven that people can significantly alter their personality because they feel more comfortable bending it while interacting online.

When someone confesses their love to each other, then you may discover things you like and dislike about your partner, you will fight, then you will make up. You learn from each other. Although your partner can drive you crazy sometimes, but you can’t live without him/her by your side. Even though you adore your partner's personality, but what makes you love your partner is indescribable. You love the way your partner smile or the way he/she makes funny sounds while laughing or the way your partner walks in excitement when you take him/her to his/her favorite restaurant.

You love your partner for all the simple things that makes the whole package of him/her. Moreover, your partner makes you very happy every time you are with him/her. And not only your partner makes you happy, but also encourages you to be a better person. And all of these are impossible to get from the virtual network interaction only.

So although it is possible to find someone who seems a great match to you via networks. But don’t jump to the conclusion of love before you actually meet with the person. Chatting via virtual networks is full of excitement. You might even feel a certain affection, and get used to each other to the point of feeling so comfortable that you can't live a day not talking with the person. But before you say you love the person, you have to meet and spend some time together because what you feel could be just a deep affection, or it could be love, but only a type of love that is based on the idea of the person instead of the person himself/herself.

Online can only express a part of who and what you are. There are aspects of people that only you can discover in offline interactions. Online chat or call can be fake. People can easily hide their flaws and be someone they want to be. You can’t really get a sense of someone until you actually meet the person.

So if you start to like someone through online interaction only, you should go and meet with him/her in person before taking any decision. Spend some time together to actually know each other. See if he/she is the same person as he/she portrays to be online. This is the only way for you to be sure whether you connect with the person also by face to face interaction and not by virtual networks only.

Sure thing when you meet someone online there’s also the risk of that other person wear such a big fat mask and it may even put you in a dangerous position once you meet them. Take a look at this video from WWYD channel where a 16 year old girl meets a guy online (supposedly also 16) and when they meet in person he literally wasn’t who he said he was. This time it was just a setup to test other people’s reaction around, but this is real life, never hurt to be too careful!

Child Predator Finds A Target | What Would You Do? | WWYD | ABC News

Taking aside these dangerous situations, I know that relationships started online can work (I know that as a fact), but only if you connect with the person offline the same way as you connect with the person online, or do it like I did, don’t overdo your online interaction. Be careful not to develop a virtual relationship to the point of illuding yourself and just use the online world as a way of meeting people offline. If you can make it work, it will be one of the best things that happen to you. Falling in love COMPLETELY, and not just VIRTUALLY.

Written : Sarah Ayu Aulia Rahma
Editted : Miguel Couto


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I totally agree. I know the fact that there are many divorces cause by online . they just married without really get to know each other

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      Online dating is nothing more than a tool to (meet) new people.

      The goal is to actually go from online dating to offline dating with them if one deems it is worth their time to meet in person.

      It's been reported in the U.S. that 1 in 5 weddings takes place between couples who originally met online.

      Truthfully I don't believe it healthy to be "in love" with someone you have never meet or seen in your life. The reality each person should have their own "mate selection criteria" with various milestones leading up to meeting, dating, and possibly going beyond.

      The goal for most people is to (be with) the one they love!

      Having said that if two people are "content" with having a cyber or virtual relationship it may be that they prefer it over an actual one.


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