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Can Personal Horoscopes Affect Relationships?

Updated on February 10, 2014

Zodiac Star Signs

Personal Horoscopes

Star Signs show a personality profile that generally fits all born under that sign.

How do you decide if your personal horoscope melds or clashes with that of another? Here's a brief summary of Aries and Libra, as an example:

Aries Personal Horoscope

Aries is a sun sign, ruled by Mars and represented by a ram. Those of this sign are known to be adventurous, lively, courageous and fierce. However, they are also at times known to be stubborn, impulsive and demanding.

Energetic and enthusiastic, an Aries' positive outlook on life can be contagious. As ambitious people, they will race through life, creating a storm as they go. Their ruling planet Mars provides them with ample energy to get through life at this tremendously upbeat pace.

Aries love people and they love socializing. They are generally the life of the party and always have a story to tell. They enjoy being the centre of attention, and people are often willing to give them the attention they desire.

The ram of Aries represents leadership, aggression and courage. The horns of the ram are thought to represent abundance in all aspects of life. A ram will fight by butting its head into that of its opponent, and this is reflected in an Aries head-on attitude.

Courageous and confident, Aries are known to be assertive, strong minded and a little bit pushy. They make great leaders and people will follow them instinctively. Competitive by nature, Aries can sometimes be single-minded and have a hard time considering the thoughts of others when making rush decisions.

Aries resent following others; as natural born leaders it goes against their nature. This can make Aries hard to work with in a team environment. If an Aries is given an order or request that they do not like, they are known to get temperamental and selfish and will take offence if the situation is not changed to suit them.

Aries are very independent people, and they love to live life their own way. As they stride through life in search of their own adventure, others will follow. This brings Aries many friends and business connections that can last throughout their life.

In love, Aries are adventurous and passionate. However, they have an aggressive temper and are known to fight back and throw tantrums if they don't get things their own way.

Aries personal horoscope shows them to be so fast paced that they can easily become bored if tied to the same project for too long. They dislike waiting for others to catch up, and like to start new things before they have finished the old. Aries are known to have 101 projects on the go at the same time, with no intention of finishing any of them. Sometimes, this trait can be viewed as unreliable, and others tend to avoid relying on an Aries to complete a task.

Libra Personal Horoscope

A Libra's element is air, they are ruled by the love planet Venus, and their symbol is the scales. They seek balance and love in all aspects of life and with every relationship they form. Respect and fairness are a Libra's highest values.

Libras are thinkers and are very intelligent. However, due to their laid back nature, this intelligence is often overlooked. They can make do with what they have and are always happy with what they have been given. It is rare that a Libra will work too hard or fight for anything they don't deem necessary, and this is often perceived by others as laziness. A Libra will fight though, should they think a situation is unfair.

Libras are righteous and consider respect and fairness to be of highest priority. Should a Libra witness or be part of an unfair situation, they will be courageous and fierce and will stand up for what is right. Should one ever disrespect a Libra, they will probably receive a retaliation they never would have imagined from this easy going person.

Libras live to make other people happy, and they will never hesitate to offer help. They will go out of their way to please others, even if it involves hiding their own feelings or thoughts. Libras can often get their own ideas lost in agreeing with others, and can forget how to think or feel for themselves.

Always at the centre of a group, Libras love socializing. Because of their calm, harmonious and giving nature, they tend to attract many friends. They enjoy negotiating and mediating arguments and people often turn to them with their problems. Because of their diplomatic strengths and a love of helping, a Libra will always be the first involved in a disagreement between others.

Libras can be touchy with love relationships. They are very passionate and they love attention, but they also demand high levels of respect. A Libra will expect their partner to value respect and fairness as much as they do, and will have a hard time getting along with anyone who doesn't. Although they are very capable of being independent, a Libra would rather co-exist with others. They enjoy being dependent and love the luxury of being taken care of, but they enjoy being depended upon too.

For those born in the first third of Libra, between the 24th September and the 3rd of October, Venus will play a very dominant part in their lives. These Libras will be creative and artistic, loving and caring, and will have a great many friends.

Those born between the 4th and 13th of October will often have a slightly "kooky" nature. Their interesting perspective on life attracts others, and their joyous nature is also deemed appealing by many: These Libras love surprises and enjoy discovering new things.

Libras born in the final 3rd, between 14th and 23rd October, are known for their love of knowledge. Always seeking new activities to participate in or new things to learn, these Libran often are very wise and worldly

Overall, two quite compatible signs for the most part, as long as each is willing to accept the other as they are - “Warts and All!”


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