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Can Your Face Determine The Success Of Your Marriage?

Updated on December 28, 2016

The relationship between success and divorce

What your face might say about your marriage

Does your face have any correlation with how happy your marriage will be? The answer might surprise you, but science has apparently proven this statement to be true. It appears that marrying a pretty woman often results in an unhappy marriage according to a particular study.

Therefore, beauty-seekers should be wary because several scientific studies conducted all across the world have consistently shown that marrying an ugly person is the better choice when compared to marrying someone physically beautiful – that is, if you want to have a happy marriage.

The man should be ugly?

According to Benjamin Karney from UCLA, as long as there is a small discrepancy in physical beauty with the man being slightly uglier than the women – there is a greater chance of having a happy marriage. In a study from the Journal of Family Psychology, it was shown that happy marriages often result if the man is uglier than the woman in the marriage. Men were more likely to value their marriage if their wives were more physically beautiful than they were.

What this study shows is that women are better off settling for someone who is not so handsome rather than trying to pick out the most attractive heartthrob that they can find to be their husband. In marriages wherein the man is uglier than the woman and he is aware of this fact, then he is less likely to engage in marital infidelity than if he was better-looking when compared to his wife.

Beautiful on the outside; ugly on the inside

In a separate study conducted by the University of California, it was shown that individuals who were of a lesser status when it comes to social standing, education and actual wealth were actually more inclined to be compassionate towards other people when compared to people of a higher rank in the social strata whose actions are always driven towards self-serving goals.

The symmetry of a person’s face might also say something about his personality. Based on research data taken from Edinburgh University, it was shown that a person who is physically beautiful often has the opposite personality. It was shown that people with symmetrical, aesthetically-pleasing facial features were the most likely to develop selfish personalities.

What these studies show

These findings are by no means conclusive, so take them with a grain of salt. As always, each individual is different, but what they do show is that people have the following tendencies:

Physically beautiful people = Generally Ugly Personalities

Ugly people = Generally more compassionate, empathetic personalities

This is something that you should definitely keep in mind if you are currently playing the field and looking to settle down and finally marry. It seems that the potential for cheating and generally abusive behavior tends to increase the more good-looking a person is.

Are ugly people really happier in marriage?

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