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Can Your Love Go The Distance?

Updated on March 31, 2011

 Ever see an elderly couple walking arm-in-arm and think, "How did they make it last for so many years?" With the divorce rate so high, it's often a wonder how many relationships can stand the test of time. Distance is another matter altogether, especially for younger couples starting out life on their own for the first time. Stories of high school sweethearts marrying are rare, and oftentimes they don't last (praise be upon those that do!). If you and your significant other are in different colleges, however, you are looking at potential trouble.

Do not jump to conclusions and think that your being separated means that your significant other will cheat or that you have permission for a fling. Paranoia in a relationship is not healthy either, and what happens in college usually stays on Facebook. However, you must take your special relationship seriously. If it wasn't strong to begin with, the void may be filled by someone more local either temporarily or on a long-term basis. Close relationships built on trust will bridge the distance through an appropriate amount of contact, but there are other factors in play that could unexpectedly cause a relationship to fall apart.

The college years are a time of growth and self-discovery. Anyone can grow apart, couples and close friends alike. Geographic distance doesn't even have to be a factor, though it is the most obvious one. You may find that your best friend or significant other is not the same person you had come to know and love, and neither are you. Sometimes relationships don't work out for trivial reasons or drastic ones, depending on the change. People may change, but not always at the same rate or in the same direction. As long as you and your loved one remain on the same page or can constructively work out your differences, you should be okay. It may not be easy, though.     


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