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Can a black guy date Malay girls?

Updated on January 9, 2013

Some History

Interracial sex interest is an old story, it can be considered that it dates from the times men started to travel around the world in search for new land and wealth. Without further detail its not wrong assuming that white men was first having the chance to get to sneak around with other races. But now, after going through lots of changes, the world is not the same as many years ago, difference of races, knowledge and economic capability are not in favor of only one men like many years ago. To answer how black men stands when it comes to dating another races, we would first inspect what females talk about them.

What "not black" females talk about black guys?

Out the mouth of a white women, words like strong, decided and listener come most of the times when asked to describe black guys. But that's a very general point of view, any men can act like that as long as he's like that. So what they actually mean when they say that? The answer is quite simple, while white men tend to put his job and finances as top priority, black guys tend to balance it, they want to use the things they possess to please you more.Thus, they end up giving more attention and listening more. At the other end there's one thing controversial, due to the history black men is considered to be naturally stronger physically, which might be a welcome characteristic to give protection, at least psychological, to the meaning one. It might explain why some famous white women have been dating black younger guys than them. Black guys can say that the western women is not a problem now, but what about Eastern ones? To find it out, we need to know what Eastern women appreciate in men.

What Eastern women appreciate in men?

Eastern women is one of the most intricate creatures. Few times, friendly and shy would describe someone simultaneously. But that's it, they do not speak to you if they don't have anything in common like job or school. They will definitely pretend you do not exist, and if you try a slick line, you gonna have to pray God she answers you at least. Their education shaped their mind in such a way that cultural values come at the top when they want to decide most of the things. These cultural values taught to them, make them lose some of the interest and curiosity to sex, what makes things worse for black guys because they are very open in this aspect. Moreover, Eastern girls would appreciate a friendly guy, who doesn't like to show off and would definitely be able to hang out like they were only simple friends. Going specifics, for Malay girls being a subset of these delicate creatures they would act the same way, but with something else to worry about, their religion.

So how to overcome all that?

One of the things people have to do whenever they want something is to adapt. Adapting is the first step to overcome something. Because of some implications, direct contact to get know lots of Malay girls will not work if you don't have something really in common. For that, this new globalized era helps a lot, Facebook, twitter and other social networks as well as dating sites will help you know lots of girls that are open to share their lives, and with some intelligence you can get to be friends with them. But things have to come out to the real world. This is what actually counts. So how to do that?

How to go on a date with a Malay girl

Going on a date is a couple experience, where they hang out to have fun, chat and have romantic moment. For two who just met, its the flirting day. To invite a Malay girl out it might not take too much time if you have a good excuse, actually they don't even mind hanging out everyday. But the thing is, Malay girls will take everything friendly, and they might end up bringing their other friends. This is something you have to deal with it and its definitely the best chance to impress because their friends will actually decide whether you stay with her or not. With some patience, you'll be hanging out with her alone, most of the times in the evening, so it would be a good help having a car and having lots of excuses once you meet the police, because these girls will surely want to hide you from the society. Hang outs will most of the times be to fun places and cinemas, no motel and drinks. So how to have sex when all looks like just being friend?

Sex! How?

Having sex with a Malay girl is something actually normal, but not that easy. Though they religion constraints, they sneak around before they marry. It takes patience, because when they get to a long term relationship, which means hang out a lot, they take it serious, and they get really emotional, giving everything to hold their man. Thus, after you can get to have sex with them, you have to be careful because if she wants to keep you forever, she might do anything because the rules are on their side.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      White + Asian you need to get out more.

      Anyone with a rational mind can debunk all of your statements. It's a shame I could only reply to this over a year later.

      You are an embarrassment.

      To the sane people out there love and be with whom you wish as long as they respect you and are a good person with good future goals. Aslong as it wont cause too much issues in your country . Im fully aware its easier to mix in some more than others.

      A normal white guy

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      white + Asian is visibly jealous. keep it up.

    • profile image

      white + Asian 

      6 years ago

      well when you talk about white women and they do prefer black men because black men act like animals and can suck every part of lady like dogs... only thing make them special for stupid white ladies.... why they become stupid is because the Medea I guess ... we are in time that man who care about his financial try to rise his family in good conditions educate his kids and bla bla become not satisfactory... while animal who doesn't have brain at all become satisfactory... don't tell me black have big one because now we are in virtual life and u can check that is only myth... there are published articles which shows is just myth... for me lady who date African is narrow thinking stupid and rubbish ... just ask why? is it bcz their ugly smell ? strong? I think white guys are more strong... brave , just watch the hidden camera just for laugh "gags" and u will see that are most scary people even more scary than women... smart? give me one scientist is a black... mathematician or physician for example...

      for me I will nt take a lady who hv negro close friend even she is miss of universe why? bcz i don't like stupid ladies

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub! Interracial dating is not a big deal in our society anymore. I've often read and heard that black women treat their man like crap, which is why many black men prefer to date white women. Here in Florida, I am seeing a trend among the black population and Hispanic women as well. As far as Malaya, I was under the impression that these women were not allowed to date because of their culture.

      I am quoting this from your article with regards to dating a Malay girl. I found this line funny!

      It takes patience, because when they get to a long term relationship, which means hang out a lot, they take it serious, and they get really emotional, giving everything to hold their man. Thus, after you can get to have sex with them, you have to be careful because if she wants to keep you forever, she might do anything because the rules are on their side."

    • isenhower33 profile image

      Bobby Isenhower 

      6 years ago from Crothersville, IN

      I wouldn't say that white guys put more into job and stuff like that. That's an opinion. Im from the country and we don't do it like that. Maybe city folk but not where I am from. And it goes both ways. When I was in college the only guys black girls wanted to date was white guys because they think white guys are more caring. It goes both ways and everywhere is different.

      And I find it very easy to talk to girls from other countries. Girls from other countries seem to care more. But again that is my OPINION. And the whole satisfy thing that's not true either. that's another opinion. I had 4 black roommates in college, and every time they threw a party the girls wanted to know where the white boy was lol And I love american girls more than asian so that's another opinion. Doesn't matter the race a guy is a guy. Some guys are different than others. It doesn't pertain to a race in any way at all.

    • perrya profile image


      7 years ago

      yes, why not?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a great article. It's given me an opportunity to learn about various cultures. Interracial dating is common here in Miami as well. I've often heard white women talk about how black men treat them a lot better than white man. Also, white women also say that black men satisfy them more. I don't know if this is true or not. American men love Asian women because many of them are submissive and will do anything their man requests them to do. As far as Muslim, I was under the impression that their culture doesn't allow them to date.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 

      7 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      This was a great article and seems to be a topic with many cultures. I will share this.


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