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Can this be real

Updated on June 20, 2016

Could it be

After a long day at work, I come home like any other day and clean the house up a bit, watch some tv, then later go on my computer for a while to check my email. so after I get done I check out this site that I used to go on many years ago and a message pops up from a man that I don't even know. when all it said was "Hello" so I reply back with hello also, he asks me where I'm from and I ask him the same. he lives 3 miles from where I work but at the moment he's stationed overseas. so we started talking and believe it or not , he and I have been talking ever since couple times a day, we texts each other couple times a day, well if we're lucky. he's called me a few times. we have sent each other pictures and No we haven't met in person yet that's where the trust must come in. he's not like a lot of the men I have talked to online, must of them talks about sex right from the start and he said he's had the same problem with the women that he's talked to online, all they wanted was sex. let me tell you, it was refreshing to find a man to talk to that wasn't like the rest. anyways he makes me feel a way I haven't felt in a long time. well it's been over a year and half now that he and I have been talking and about 2 months ago he asked me to marry him and I said "Yes". am I crazy to think that I found my soul mate online because that's sure how it feels. I don't know but I think so. he's a couple years younger then I am but he says it doesn't matter and it doesn't matter to me either because my ex husband is younger also. We talk about everything from our hopes, dreams, our past relationships, our children, he has two sons and I have 3 grown daughters. it's funny I've always wanted a son. it's funny though we know what the other is thinking before either of us says a word. Well anyways December he may possibly could be coming home, oh yeah almost forgot, he's a Soldier in the Army. let me tell you sometimes it feels like it's all just a wonderful dream but I'm awake so it can't be a dream. We have told our children about one another and they're happy for us both. Don't get me wrong it's not prefect we have had our disagreements, second one not long ago but every relationships go's through something at one time or another. some of my friends tells me to be careful because there are a lot of scammers out there, believe me I am being careful.


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