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Can You Have Friendship Without Trust

Updated on January 31, 2024
Eileen Hughes profile image

Friendship is a very important part of any relationship. if you cannot trust them they are not friends

My Dog and Cat were great friends- the old and the young

No one really knows how another person feels about someone. Therefore we have to learn to accept a person as they are until you find out different.

Never judge a person on first sight. It takes time to really know someone. Although a true friend will trust you no matter what.

I believe that trust and friendship go hand in hand. Although In saying that, there are exceptions to the rule, nothing is ever quite black and white. Therefore, to be a true friend there are times when friends should respect his or her friend's need for privacy.

What should you do if you know, that your friend's partner is cheating on her? This is a very difficult decision to make. You may not want to hurt either of them, but if you don't tell her then you are hiding the truth from this friend.

She may not believe you and hate or accuse you of trying to come between them. You will be left in the middle, doomed if you do, and dammed if you don't.

Would you want to know the truth? I think the only way around this is to let her see the situation for herself, with a little help from you. Then be there to support her through the difficulties of this trying time. That is true friendship.

  • Friendhip and trust is something most animals have no trouble with.
  • The complete oposites, often more compatible than those of the same family.
  • If animals can share there trust in each other why can't we?

True Friendship

Everyone needs a friend to share their doubts and fears with, at some stage in our lives. The ideal friend needs to be patient and listen to their friend's problems. Offer support, understanding, and camaraderie when needed. Do not expect to hear all the gory details of everything that your friend is going through.

Privacy or own space

For a variety of reasons, everyone needs his or her own personal space and privacy, in which to think and sort out our problems. There may be times when your friend needs this privacy under certain circumstances, and you, as a true friend should respect their wishes in this regard. Understand their needs and do not push, for more information if your friend is unwilling or unable to give it freely. It is their choice, so be patient.

They may have a valid reason to keep this information private. It could affect the welfare of their children, their marriage, or it may involve other innocent parties. Never turn against your friend because they have not confided all the details to you. Be considerate and understanding.

Issues of trust

Never doubt your friends' decisions without confirming the facts first. Trust them, as there may be times when you think your friend has let you down and you react without giving them the benefit of the doubt. It may be that, they are protecting you by not giving you all the details. Remember that trust is very important within any friendship

Make sure you listen to everything your friend has to say, or may not have said, then offer help or advice where you can. Be there and support your friend if they need a sounding board to share his or her grievances or ideas with, then listen to them, and offer your help.

Trust your instincts, in most cases, instincts are not wrong. It is far better to trust your friend, than deny yourself true friendship by mistrusting them. Once you have made an accusation, there will always be that little niggling doubt in your friends mind, that you did not care enough to trust your friend.

Listen to to the hole story before making any judgement.

Without this kind of trust, there is no true friendship.


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