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Can you make a girl like you

Updated on November 21, 2011


There is one thing I have discovered about women, thus myself that makes me what particular point a girl can change her mind towards a particular guy she previously turned down?

Well let's say here is this guy and she truly started to see this man in a different light. why?

- It might be that she is tired looking around for the perfect guy and that you are still around and then start developping feelings for you. the trouble is she will make either a very good girlfriend / wife or she will be a nightmare to live with. Guys always need to double check why is it that this girl has finally accepted his advances.

- She might have sincerely developped feelings for you overnight. seriously, sometimes women are truly oversentsitive to feelings...she feels you might be the one and may have dreamt of you. I am being serious here. we women like to feel this way...and that is if she was sincerely not interested in the beginning it might be that she was to busy dreaming about a perfect guy and just woke up. either way, she starts by seeing you differently and that's just your luck. It might be something you have done , a details but luck happens

- You are being persistent , smart and let her be a woman: Being there for her GENUIELY gets a girl in the long run at least even if it's for 5 minutes. A woman appreciates when a man does cares...GENUIELY. He is busy but will stop to listen; will stay on the phone even if she talks non sense...if he does that without wanting to impress her but that he had learned to be a patient and a understanding man , she genuiely will fall for him... we women know that guys can't stand women who talk too much and on and on about petty things....I met this guy...truly not my type but he has got rprising capacity to listen and be available . he doesn't just listens, he put himself at my place, now that's an art in itself.... to the point where i don't care about his height and start thinking I could be happy with him.

- He is confident: Now confident guys always get a girl. Not the jerk, not the rude, not the players but the genuine confident guy who don't have to flaunt himself out there too much. the one who knows their worth. any guy can do that. the way he carries himself, the way he talks, he is always positive. A woman like to be around guys like that. she doesn't feel cheap. He doesn't have to be handsome just very confident of himself so much so that people will be wondering "what is his secret? is he not that handsome..."

Do you get the message?




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    • loulou2 profile image

      loulou2 6 years ago

      thks to you too...glad you found it useful..;-)

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      very useful and interesting hub,thx for your share