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Can't stand infidelity anymore

Updated on April 8, 2015
Hello Mrs. Robinson
Hello Mrs. Robinson

I just can't stand Infidelity anymore!

Isn't anyone faithful anymore? Does everyone cheat? I thought only guys cheated on their wifes. Well, not anymore. Women cheat just as much as men. And the reasons.... almost the same. I didn't want to believe it either, so I asked around and did lots of research on this. Check it out. 

Why are women cheating?

Why are women cheating? It’s scary to think about that while I’m at work all day my wife is, could be, or already did…… Most of us don’t even want to think about infidelity. But the truth is that more and more women are cheating on their boyfriends and husbands every day.  Could it be that they are using it against men. Most people think that cheating is a trait predominantly found in guys not women. Well here’s the real shocker, women cheat and are more likely to get away with it! The numbers are close for both sexes, recent studies show that 45-55% of married women seek extramarital sexual relationships.

Do you ever hear about women cheating?

When you hear of a woman who has been caught cheating you may be really surprised because she does not fit the stereotype of what you perceive to be an unfaithful person.  Some women do not take the vows of marriage as seriously as others and are known for their extramarital affairs, even though the husbands may be the last ones to find out.  I recently read an article that would copy and paste all the ads that were from women who had husbands/ boyfriends in the army/marines and they wanted some companionship and sex. It was alarming that they already had 100’s of posts from military wife’s wanting to break their vows, assuming it was ok because their husbands couldn’t ever find out.  

What are Moral Values? I don't know...

There are so many different reasons why women cheat on their husbands. Most of the women say they are lonely or feel neglected. Others seek the thrill of being wanted or to know that they are still attractive. For a lot of girls it is basic revenge. Revenge for something that he maybe did or didn't do.

Married women who are unhappy with her “role” as housewife may turn to cheating to add more excitement to her life.  NO matter what they say, the truth is, they are unhappy. Somehow this will end up being the husbands fault. I cover this later.

Cheating does have to just be about having an affair or just having a 1 night stand over and over and over again. But it should also apply to breaking the MORAL VALUES a married couple has. I know we have all heard of those words before MORAL VALUES.  Most of us don’t actually have moral values anymore, but we sure as hell think and say we do! 

Guys are so clueless ! So help us out, would ya?

When a wife can stay home all day, there is a lot of time that she could  be cheating and never get caught. She could go out in the afternoons, meet with a stranger and  be home in time to cook your favorite dinner. If the husband does not catch on to the subtleties or unusual behavior, he will be none the wiser about the activity.

Most girls do not just wake up one morning and decide to cheat on her husband.  Even though some guys would like to think that. There are too many little incidences that lead up to this. Which us  guys don’t even pick up on. They could include dissatisfaction with each other’s love life, feeling that she is not appreciated anymore or simply flirting with someone.  Most of these little nuances are not important to guys that it goes right over our heads. Most of the time, guys don’t see these little things as an issue.

Women who work outside the home are in constant contact with men who find them attractive and will flirt with them. This does help the women self esteem issues a lot. Then that leads to wondering what it would be like to sleep with this person just once. Once may be all it takes.  Like the motto of the Ashley Madison company, “Life is short, have an Affair “

Why in the world would my wife cheat on ME?

There are endless reason “excuses” why a married woman would knowingly risk her marriage. Since no 2 women are alike, you may never get a good reason. From my own experience and from friends/relatives and what I have researched for this article I have come down to a few top reasons why a married women would cheat.  Some of the more common reasons include:

  •  Lack of passion in the love life
  •  A nonexistent sex life
  •  A feeling of not being wanted or loved by the husband
  • Spending a lot of time home alone
  •  A lack of quality time together
  • An un-attentive husband
  • He cheated first
  • She thinks he is cheating
  • He forgets to do something important
  • A lost emotional bond with the husband
  • There is a good looking guy  ( I left this one vague because I know some crazy events. Like my friend Brandon met 2 really cute girls working as a cashier at 7eleven and they ended up taking him to a local motel for the night.  Or my friend Brie, who did the dirty on a fax machine at work with the last customer of the day at the FedEx Kinko’s store. )

Simple enough, NEVER CHEAT. Not that hard... or is it?

Whatever the reasons are, the fact remains that there are many women out there need to have excitement and loved to be seduced. It’s all too often when people do cheat and even when they forgive each other. Their relationship stays on the rocks. That and those accidents of the past may resurface in a bad argument, which I’m sure most married couples can relate. It’s best to NEVER CHEAT, NEVER LIE, NEVER STEAL. It’s not that hard to be monogamous.


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