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How to get over your ex or lover:

Updated on October 2, 2013

Can't stop thinking about her? Maybe she is an ex-girlfriend... a crush that has turned into an obession, she has become the very existing of your being, you are 100% positive that there is no other girl like her. She is more beautiful than the rest, you constantly overthink the little things she says and spend hours trying to figure out what it means. You would do ANYTHING for her and you hope that one day she will realise it and fall for you. Believe me I have been there, and it is no fun at all, I assume you are reading this because you will want to get over her. I'm not saying it is going to be easy but hopefully with a few little tips I can help you out.

Firstly, what if I told you this... that it wasnt her that you actually love, but it was the idea of her? Ask yourself this, do you ever do the things with her that you imagine you do? Such as grabbing icecream together, watching a movie you know stuff like that. It is more the dream of succeeding in goal, the goal of getting her. I'm not going to tell you how to win her over because 99% of the time us blokes just cant do it and we sit here constantly wondering about her when she is busy with her own life most likely not thinking about you at all and getting with other blokes. Most likely not the thing you want to hear but you need to hear it.

Don't fret this happens to all of us, the obession of dreaming about something then hopefully succeeding in it. I myself am quite guilty of it, just recently here in Australia McDonalds where having these surprises you could win when you buy McDonalds. I found myself buying McDonalds everyday trying to win these surprises thinking to myself that if I kept trying that I would succeed. This is exactly what happens to one when we think about that "one special girl". I also once again have been quite guilty of it, I went for this same girl for around 2 years, convinced once again that once if I kept working at her that she would see what an amazing guy I am and that she would also fall in love with me. She even liked me at one stage, chased me... but then she lost interest and it was never to be returned again but I still tried in the hope that one day I would get her. Don't do what I did, wrest back control of your heart and your mind! Now how do we do that?

You need to realise that there other girls out there that are so so much better than her! You see in the movies how this bloke is chasing after this girl and his mate tells him to let her go but he ignores his mates advice and lands the girl of his dreams. Don't we wish that real life was like that? Well we shouldn't because the real world is so much better! In the real world you get over that fake girl who has been destroying your life and you find real girls! Girls who appreciate you for you and show you the attention and love that you deserve!

You need to get out and meet more girls! It isn't exactly to get them because learning to get girls is a skill which must be developed, but the more girls you talk to the better you will get right? This will help you in so many ways, you will realise that there are much better girls out there than the one you have been trying to get for so long, you feel happier knowing that there are girls out there that want to talk to you and spend time with you, this may also make that "special girl" jealous that you are no longer wanting her but that your happier without her (don't get sucked back in though) you will be back to square one. Ask these girls out, take them on dates, take them home.

Don't be the subject of that "special girls" jokes between her and her friends, don't be the needy guy who can't seem to be happy without that "special girl" that girl had one chance with you when you liked her before, and if she was to stupid to realise it she will die before she gets another shot at you, you are not a 7/11 that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you are not a bus that comes every 10 minutes, you are a once in a lifetime opportunity. If she has said no it's her loss not yours!

And you never know... one day you may come across her facebook and realise that she is not as beautiful as you once thought, you may see her in the supermarket have a chat to her and realise her personality is not like an angel like what you thought. Wrest control back of your heart and your mind and start living my friends!


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