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Casual Signs Of Attraction From Men That Should Be Noticed

Updated on January 27, 2011

Is he interested?

Guy very attracted to a woman over dinner.
Guy very attracted to a woman over dinner.

What level of interest?

Women need to remember that, overall, every single man they meet is going to be different in some way. If they are looking for signs of attraction from guys, they need to remember how unique people really are. What a woman should be looking for is someone who is compatible with them, a man whose intentions are clear from his actions. This is a sign that both people are on the same page and compatibility is key to longevity.

For instance, what can say more than a bright smile? When a man looks directly at a woman with a warm smile on his face, it is obvious that he is enjoying his time with her. It is important to have warmth and compassion in your relationship with a man. These are qualities that cannot and should not be ignored.

Does he hover around you?

When a man goes out of his way to be around a woman, he is attracted to her. People in general will not tend to spend time with individuals they find unpleasant. They want to surround themselves with others who care about them, even as just an acquaintance. When there seems to be a spark in the air between two individuals, they will want to spend as much time together as they can. They will not be able to think about anything but that other person for at least a few weeks. This is the initial magnetism phase or the honeymoon phase.

Since every person is going to have their own likes and dislikes, a woman needs to find out as much as she can about the man she is interested in. By knowing him first, she will be more able to see his feelings by his actions. Many men are very quiet about their feelings. This requires a little extra effort on the woman who is interested in finding a relationship.

Watch out for teasing

There are often things that men are interested in that women will more likely shun. An example of this would be sports. Women are more likely to tease their man about his obsession with sports than sit down and watch them with him. When he is willing to go out to lunch instead of watch a football game, he is showing his lady that he is attracted to her.

Women should do their best to understand the man they want to be with. They should have respect for the things that he enjoys and should expect him to respect them, as well. Although men have many common threads, they are still unique, each and every one. If a woman truly wants to be good in her relationship, she will let him be who he is. If she does not like who he is, she should not be with him.

Trust is very important

There should always be trust in a relationship. This must be a mutual thing. When there is mistrust, there is miscommunication. If the relationship has already gone past initial attraction to a more serious phase, trust is something that is going to make or break it.

One of the most prevalent signs of attraction from men that women should look for is his willingness to leave behind his bachelor life to live the rest of it with her. She must have faith but must also realize when something is not good. This will save from heartache.


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