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Catching a Cheater and Cheating Relationship Signs

Updated on October 3, 2016

Catching a Cheating Spouse in the Act

Catching a Cheating Spouse in the Act
Catching a Cheating Spouse in the Act

If you are reading this introduction, you most likely have serious suspicions that your partner is cheating on you. One thing you have to be very careful with early on in your investigation is your mind might be playing tricks on you. You could be making an assumption that is completely out of line, because when you are in a jealous state it is impossible to be rational.

Accusing a spouse of cheating without the evidence can destroy the relationship beyond repair and often break any trust between two loving people. If you have a feeling that your partner is cheating on your, the best thing to do is take this simple advice I have for you. Take some deep breathes and start working on gathering the iron clad proof you need so you can rest assured that you are not just assuming their might be an affair going on. Chances are you are freaking out right now and want those answers today and simply can not wait another day to confront your partner.

Quotes About Cheating and Cheating Relationship Signs

Take a step back and look at it this way. If you are dead wrong about the affair, you not only broke the trust of your partner, you may have inadvertently crippled the relationship. If you are right however that there is an affair going on and you come out with guns blazing today, you drive that secret affair even deeper into hiding making it virtually impossible to gather the evidence you need.

There will be many signs that an affair is taking place, and when you are angry and jealous you overlook many of these clues. When your partner feels like they are under the microscope they will make the affair much more difficult for you to identify. This is why it is so important to be cool and calm right now, because the best way to catch them red handed is to act normal and give the perception that all is well right now.

Signs of Boyfriend Cheating

Signs of Boyfriend Cheating
Signs of Boyfriend Cheating

You must let your spouse feel completely comfortable so that you have a better chance of catching them in the act. I understand all too well how hard this is right at this very moment. The last thing that you want to do is simply sit back and let them meet tonight for their little sexual encounter.

I can tell you that this is going to be the hardest part because watching your partner walk out that door knowing they are going to be meeting someone will drive you insane. The thought of them in bed together and doing things while you are sitting home is enough to put you in the nut house. The biggest problem you will have early on is trying to control your anger when you have suspicions your spouse is most likely fooling around when they tell you otherwise.

Why is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me

Why is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me
Why is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me

I can remember a time when I first had my suspicions confirmed and I wanted to just rip his head off that night. Then I remember thinking to myself if he denies it, I really have nothing but my word against his. I didn’t have any phone records, or copies of e-mails to throw in his face. I didn’t have any pictures or videos of him meeting with her at the local motel when he told me he was working a few hours late. I didn’t have any love notes or gifts they gave each other to prove to him I was on to his secret affair. The reason why I didn’t have anything was he got really good at keeping the entire thing a secret.

Have You Ever Been Cheated On?

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The key to him hiding it for so long was that he made sure at every step of the way to try and act as normal as possible in our relationship. The second that he suspected I might be on to him, he would smother me with affection and throw me off the trail. So if you get nothing else from all my experience in this area of relationships, just understand that you need to bite your tongue and get the evidence you need before you call out a cheater. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and hire a private investigator to get concrete proof a partner is cheating. I can show you how to take a step back and look at this entire relationship from the outside in.

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me
My Boyfriend Cheated on Me

Being able to place yourself in a position of power rather than as the victim will give you all the evidence you will ever need. I know that you are hurting right now because you love your spouse, and you are hurt that someone else is most likely being intimate with them. This pain can often drive people to do irrational things and destroy theirs and the lives of others. If your spouse is cheating on your right now, the only thing you have to decide is whether or not you are willing to try and repair this damage or if you want out.

Either way you have to have the proof before you can make that decision. You can not walk out on a marriage when you have doubts if they were cheating. You can’t walk out if your partner tells you that you are making a huge mistake. Once you have all the evidence that you need to be completely sure, you can then put yourself in position to make that choice.

How to Deal with a Cheating Boyfriend?

How to Deal with a Cheating Boyfriend?
How to Deal with a Cheating Boyfriend?

For now however, we need to calm down and focus on the task at hand. I know all too well that this process takes times and when you are doing your research it can be very difficult to try and continue acting like nothing is going on. You will need to put on the performance of your life if you want that evidence to be easier to accumulate. I can tell you that if you follow my techniques and keep your head for a short while, you will look back on this and be grateful that you got the answers you needed on your own and not from someone else.

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    • DaytonaWatterson profile image

      Daytona Watterson 21 months ago from South Florida

      100% CORRECT! If you don't feel right, something is wrong. If your partner is not able to reassure you that there is nothing to worry about, then perhaps this is not the ideal relationship.

      If you have a history of just fearing the worst in your partner, then this is something you have to fix before you can allow anyone in your life.

      Just because you were cheated on once by another person does not mean the next person will do the same. If you FEEL cheated, then you are cheated. Move on is right!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 21 months ago

      "Take some deep breathes and start working on gathering the iron clad proof you need so you can rest assured that you are not just assuming their might be an affair going on."


      Unless you have a history of being insecure, obsessively jealous, or paranoid there is no reason why you shouldn't trust your instincts!

      Truth be told once you "suspect" your mate might be cheating you've stopped trusting him or her! No rational person wants to give of them self and stay in a relationship with someone they don't trust.

      The need to "prove" you're right by "playing detective" is an ego exercise. Essentially you want to show him/her how smart (you) are. "BUSTED!"

      Bottom line whether you're "right" or "wrong" You Don't Trust them!

      If something doesn't (feel) right to you it's probably (not right for you).

      Move on!


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