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Celtic Wedding Bands – More than an Irish Tradition

Updated on August 30, 2010

Celtic wedding bands have a rich tradition and are a great option for celebrating your heritage (or just looking damn cool).  But did you know there are several different kinds of Celtic wedding bands and each one has a different meaning?  Because of the rich tradition of the Celtic culture there’s a lot to know about the different Celtic wedding rings.  Below you’ll find a review of each type of ring, the story behind each one and some tips on finding the best prices on Celtic Wedding Rings.

Claddagh wedding ring

By far the most popular Celtic wedding band is the Claddagh wedding ring.  This ring has a pair of hands embracing a crowned heart.  The hands signify friendship; the heart signifies love, while the crown symbolizes loyalty.  Some people will wear this ring on the right hand with the crown facing out.  This is meant to symbolize that the wearer’s heart is available.  Once married the wedding ring is switched to the left hand with the crown facing in representing that the wearer’s heart has been taken.  This type of ring is perfect for people who appreciate the symbolism of the heart and the crown and enjoy the design.

Celtic Knot Wedding Band

Another popular Celtic design that people love is the Celtic knot wedding band.  This ring is adorned with many different twists and weaves that is meant to symbolize the unending love that keep two people together.  The intertwining Celtic knot design also symbolizes their connection through marriage and life.  If you enjoy the design of the Celtic knot and appreciate the symbolism of unity the knot represents then you might like this ring for your wedding band.  Of all the Celtic wedding bands this is probably the most popular mens Celtic wedding band.

Gaelic Wedding Band

Next on the list of Celtic wedding bands is the Gaelic wedding band.  The Gealltanas Siorai is a collection of rings with Gaelic sayings inscribed.  Each inscription translates to a specific sentiment that truly romanticizes the Celtic tradition.  These sayings are: mo anam cara (my soul mate), gra go deo (love forever), gra dilseacht cairdeas (love loyalty friendship), gra geal mo chroi (bright love of my heart).  Is really cool when your wedding band has a meaning (other than the obvious) and the romanticism of the Gaelic language makes this a great ring.

Trinity Knot Wedding Band

Similar to the Celtic Knot is the Trinity knot.  This has a similar design of an interlocking weave only it is clover shaped and not interwoven throughout the ring.  This Celtic ring is often associated with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) and is also associated with eternal love.  This Celtic wedding band brings a lot more Christian symbolism to the union and many religious couples opt for this ring.

Ogham Wedding Band

The Ogham wedding band is a little different and a little more obscure.  Based on an older dialect, it has a design written in an ancient script that says “love forever”.  This ring provides a bit of a unique twist from the typical Celtic wedding bands but still has strong Celtic meaning. 

Many people love the Celtic wedding band for the uniqueness it brings to a time-honored tradition. For this reason, many people choose customized Celtic wedding bands including gold or silver wedding bands, white gold Celtic wedding bands, titanium Celtic wedding bands and two toned Celtic wedding bands. Depending on which customization you choose this may raise or even lower the price dramatically. In fact, many people choose titanium wedding bands because they’re cheaper and just as good as traditional silver or gold wedding bands.

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