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Challenges Faced by Wedding Planners in 2013

Updated on November 6, 2013
Wedding Planners & Photographers in Delhi
Wedding Planners & Photographers in Delhi | Source

Importance of Wedding Planner

There’s little doubt that technology is making huge inroads in almost every sphere of our lives, and lo and behold! It has also impacted the way people are looking at ideas to celebrate the special moments of their life such as the D-day!

The important role played by a Wedding Planner can neither be ignored nor overshadowed. At the same time, our focus here is on pointing out the possible challenges these professionals are likely to face in today’s scenario. This will be helpful for those of you aiming to take up the profession of a marriage consultant/planner since you can be well-prepared and be ready with solutions for these issues.

Choice of venues

To begin with, as we kicked off this discussion with technology, let’s look at the effect of the innovative techniques on the overall marriage styles. Starting from the choice of the venues till the honeymoon destinations, couples want individuality and uniqueness rather than sticking with the age-old ideas. So, this in itself is likely to pose many a difficulty for the planner to come up with exotic as well as affordable ideas for their clients.

Wedding Venues in Delhi

Hotel Imperial Delhi
Hotel Imperial Delhi | Source
Hotel City Park in Delhi
Hotel City Park in Delhi | Source
Candid Wedding Photographers
Candid Wedding Photographers | Source

Wedding Photography

Next comes the issue of making arrangements for photography. This is a hot topic today owing to the advanced technologies available and within the reach of photographers. For example, the planner has to ensure that they choose creative, Candid Wedding Photographers that excel in their job. It is the duty of the consultant to make sure that they offers top-notch services that are fully customized and immaculate.

'Food' for thought

Next, marriage cuisine is also a major area to focus on since couples are inclined to try out new, exotic dishes in the menu. This necessitates the appointment of specialized, seasoned cooks that are well-informed about the other types of cooking like Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, etc.


Marriage mementos are also coming into the limelight as people are growing more status-conscious and show a preference for picking up gifts that are unique and eye-catching to present to the guests. For that matter, even the way these gifts are wrapped is getting a new look and feel, thanks to the creativity exhibited by the marriage planners!

Same-sex marriages

One of the major challenges faced by consultants or planners is the emerging concept of same-sex marriages. Even though this is quite rare in the traditional societal setup, yet they have to be prepared well in advance for such events.

Décor & Green methods

Whether it is decorating the venue or checking the flower arrangements, make sure you adopt eco-friendly methods and themes. Experts feel that the general trend is moving towards more ‘sophistication’. Hence, even simple elements like candles, cakes and flowers are getting to be offered in never-before varieties!

So, start early in terms of preparation, carry out your duties properly and reach your professional goals efficiently. This is the secret of your success in the profession of a wedding planner/consultant. Once you grasp the nuances of the profession correctly, then you are all set to shine as one of the most-wanted planners that is popular among customers and for the right reasons too!


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