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Character synopsis

Updated on August 12, 2016

Character synopsis

There's different levels in every relationship, there's the dominant one, there's the needy one, there's the free spirited one and then there's the shy one.
Which one are you?
In some cases both male and female will be dominant...The most common attraction of 2 people.
In many cases we all have a little bit of each characteristic within us...Our character changes as it is needed.
This doesn't mean that you are confused or crazy, it means that you are 1 person who is able to adapt...not because you need to fit in but in life we need to be accommodating...
We need to get to a place where we learn to us the correct character in the correct situation in life.
We need to learn to become adaptable in order to get along with people however never allowing people to take us for granted and in turn never taking people for granted.
God has given us a personality which we are born with, a nature which is our feeling part and character which is formed and which changes with situations, which is the four elements I gave earlier.
So who do you choose to be...Make a choice for you and not for anyone else.


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