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Characteristics of a Good Guy

Updated on January 17, 2017
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The inspiration of others that have kept me going through the years. I continue to move forward because of you.

1. He has integrity and character - Everywhere he goes he leaves a mark. No matter his challenges. He has customers that call the store before they come to shop, because they want him to give them great customer service.

Issues that I have seen; men that work in garages and do not get to know their customers. They are hiding. Another who does not tell their boss that they did not pass the certification they needed to do their job. Another driving without a license. Those that break the law or rules that suit them have no limitations for themselves.

2. He is balanced - He prioritizes his time and is well-rounded.

3. He has confidence - He has a good self image about himself, despite of his challenges.

4. He is courageous - He goes after what he wants even in the presence of self doubt, such as a management position.

5. He listens - It is 75% better to be a listener than a speaker.

6. He takes initiative - He looks for products that his co-workers are looking for and cannot seem to find. He got a co-worker a sports souvenir when we went on our first trip. It was to, who we now deem, "Undercover Priest." He is the coolest. He also got a co-worker a movie that they had been looking for. It was in black and white.

7. He is detail oriented - He was in Art Club when he was in school. He saw the beginning of iconic relationships in his family. Including the parents of his young niece who developed childhood cancer. I love her myself. She is an amazing young woman, who surprisingly also chose the wrong man to love. He cheated on her with her best friend. Therefore, she no longer has either in her life. I want more people just like her in my life. When I saw her last, she always has a smile for everyone. Again, despite the childhood issues she's had. I see perfection in her, just like I see perfection in my soon to be fiancé.

8. He has respect and gives respect - empathetic and forgiving. He finds out what movie a co-worker is looking for, and if his employment does not have it, he will continue to look for it in other places that he shops. I was there when he bought it for his co-worker, who is in his 80s and still working. The movie was in black and white. Apparently, a classic.

In my opinion, the biggest disrespect is not paying someone back the money you owe them before ending a relationship. It gives a not so good impression of the other person. If you cannot pay someone back, don't borrow money.

9. He challenges himself to be a better man - A good guy understands overcoming one's own self is better than competing or beating anyone else. (I always hated competitions anyway.)

10. He is committed and faithful - He is loyal in his relationship.

11. He fights against injustice - when a good guy sees another guy act out of line with a female, he thinks it could be his own sister, mother or daughter, and steps in to fight the injustice. - My current boyfriend punched someone in the face for beating his wife in my boyfriend's presence. Kind of shocking when you think about it. I was shocked. However, his reasons were impressive.

Most of the other examples show exes procrastinating against injustices. Always just playing a wait and see game. Like time will get them out of anything, which isn't always the case.

12. He is honest - He understands that honesty might be tough up front, but the impact is far less than the outcome of long running white lies. - Or an ex-boyfriend who was in the habit of dropping hints instead of growing balls to say what he means. Which completely wasted both of our time.

Most have lied through their teeth.

13. He is good with money - He budgets and makes a plan for the future. We are already saving for our wedding, and more upcoming trips together. It was his idea, not mine.

14. He has a good sense of humor - He is happy to be the pun of everyone's joke. - Yup, like "butt crack Santa" jokes. Sometimes he is trying to make me laugh when I am just in complete serious mode, and he will even say, "I'm just trying to get you to laugh."

15. He's humble - He lets others sing his praises instead of himself.

16. He's a team player - He understands that the team success is his success.

17. He's adaptable - He picks himself up and tries again. Sometimes I have to encourage him on this, but he's the one that implements it into action. He also finds that when issues are related to work, I am usually right. Of course, some previous male examples do what they want in their employment. Some have gotten into trouble because of it. Or, seriously did not deserve the second chance to get themselves out of it.

18. He has good manners - His actions are made with care and consideration. Once, when I was having dinner at his house with his parents, he pulled the chair out for me. He also laid a red rose on the passenger seat of his car when he knew I was about to sit there. He carries my bags when we go shopping. We go to Yankee Candle and play, "what's that scent?"

19. He's shaped by men he respects - He has mentors. Men that he wants to be like. He is especially close to the brother whose daughter had childhood cancer.

Some men lose respect for their male role model. There is just one male that I know who wrote out the male role model in his life, and still has my respect. My friend Tom.

20. He has true and close friendships. - He has a family friend that works at Rural King. While I have many memories of meeting people he knows because he just cannot go anywhere without striking up a conversation. I really like that about him. He's just memorable. Finding more about his ancestry also makes me see why. He always tells me how special I am, and as old as I am, I actually, NEVER, heard anyone say that about me before.

21. He supports and promotes moral excellence - He helps a lady carry her merchandise to her car, AND I MIGHT ADD, he was off the clock. She wasn't just any lady, but a family friend. He donates to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, because his niece had been there battling childhood cancer. The only man in my life that has EVER donated money to a charity is my oldest brother. Finally, I have a man with a true heart.

22. He seeks peace when possible - He confronts in private, but he's never a doormat.

23. He improves his physical health - He works to promote his health and his image. This is something that he is working on. His DNA and Health test showed some issues. He used to drink a lot of soda, now he's down to just one can, if any, a day. (Soda is one of the reasons for kidney stones, you know? If men want to experience the pain of childbirth, drinking lots of soda to create kidney stones is the way to do it.) He knows our friend at his work is watching to make sure he eats and drinks better. He's never smoked. His parents have, but they quit many years ago.

24. He has a vision to lead - He knows that his actions today will affect his life. In a way, it has. In every way that he has lived his life, is most likely what makes him memorable to the community. However, he has also lived here, pretty much, all of his life.

25. He works hard. He's had the most customer service awards in our metropolitan area. He's received rave reviews from Secret Shoppers.

26. He knows the importance of family - He honors the legacy that he has received, and the traditions of his ancestors. The traditions of his ancestors of his adoptive parents. His father is Cherokee Indian. His mother is Irish/Scottish. Surprisingly, there is a little bit of one and a lot of the other in him genetically as well. What is very interesting about his DNA ancestry test is his biological mother's lineage. I was in shock when I was doing the research. His parents were in shock when I was showing them my research. It was the best birthday gift that I could have given to their whole family. (However, when I gave him his first birthday gift, his mother stated: "You really put a lot of thought into gifts." I try. However, it appears so does he.)

Those that do not know the importance of family usually end up with not so reliable family values. My guy was adopted, but he was one of the lucky ones and has some great parents. For many reasons, he is not really interested in finding his biological parents. Considering the circumstances, I can see why. He is very fortunate in what he has already.

Of course, no one is perfect. Whether you want to believe that or not? He has inspired a whole community. While I wasn't here to witness it all. I saw a glimpse of it before it began. When he took the initiative to come to that neighbors door to ask for old newspapers for his boy scout troop. This year, he spent Christmas Day with me, my parents, one of my brothers, sister-in-law and their soon-to-be 2 year old. It took awhile for my soon to be 2 year old niece to warm up to him. (It took her awhile to warm up to her cousins, who she had not seen for awhile.) However, after she did, there were many saying aww. We had our traditional Canadian meat pies. It was nice sharing my French Canadian traditions with someone special. It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. He really seemed to enjoy the meat pie also. (He knows how I feel about protein.)


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    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 5 months ago from East Coast

      You guys are an adorable couple! I am happy you found love again. I agree with being with someone that is a good listener and shows respect for others. Have a good holiday with your man!

    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 5 months ago from Mid West

      Thank you.

    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 5 months ago from Mid West

      You have a great holiday to. Sorry for the delay in salutations. I had to run out and get stuff for my parents Christmas Eve celebration with my nephew and nieces and their parents. My mom says that she's getting too old for this that she needs help entertaining this year. I'm not off again until Christmas Day, so the only day I had to do errands. Happy Holidays.

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