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Chasing the Bad Boy

Updated on January 19, 2015

So many girls think that the bad boys are the fun ones. While they may be fun they are also the ones who you may regret being in a relationship with.

The bad boys will hurt you. They will cheat, they will lile and they will make your self esteem go down. They cannot appreciate a good girl. No matter how hard you try you will not be appreciated. They will only be there when they need you. When you need them they will be nowhere to be found.

At first chasing the bad boy could be a challenge. Some girls do it because they want the one guy to settle down with them. They think that they could be the girl who could change them and turn him into Prince Charming.

With that mentality all it will lead is hurt and dissapointment. Bad boys do not change. What they did to other girls in the past they will do to you. They cannot appreciate a good girl. You could do anything and everything for them but sometimes no matter what you do it is not enough. Nothing is enough for them. They are selfish and only care about themselves. They do not care who they hurt in the process.

Don't think that by doing him a favor, it will get you a relationship. You could be the nicest girl in the world but the bad boy will go after the bad girl. The bad boy will not go to family events or introduce you to people he knows. He won't go out of his way to talk to you in public or get happy when he sees you.

When dating a bad boy it will be a secret. They want to be single and still play the field. If he tells you not to tell people you are dating and puts single as his relationship status even though he is with you that is a bad sign. It means that he wants to be single. Watch out because you are not the only girl in his life.

You could ask him about his intrest and get to know him but he will not care. He will answer you and that will be that. He won't be by your side when you are having a bad day or going through a bad time. He won't give you encouragment or say something sweet.

A good guy knows how to appreciate a girl. A good guy wants a good girl. If you do something nice for a good guy he will appreciate you. He will tell you you are sweet and notice the little things you do. When you do something nice for the bad boy it is not going to get you anywhere. He might thank you but once that favor is done he will go back to treating you badly.

A bad boy will not tell his friends about you. He might laugh with his friends when he sees you. There may be times when he might not even ask you for a favor. He will demand that you do it for him.

The bad boy is rude and mean. He will break your heart and talk down to you. No bad boy knows how to respect a girl. Some bad boys who have bad tempers may even become abusive physical with girls. If a guy ever lays a hand or yell at you that is when you know you must go. Once that hand is raised things will only get worse.

A bad boy has no manners. Your family and friends will tell you to stay far away from him. They are right. No girl deserves to be with a guy who makes her cry.

Go after the sweet guy. He might not be the most attractive but once you see his wonderful personality you will fall in love and you will see how you should be treated. You deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Chasing the bad boy is tiring. You will be on an emotional roller coaster. Don't believe that you could be the one to tie them down. Instead know your worth and go after the guy who knows how to treat a girl.

Have you ever chased the bad boy before?

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