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Cheap Dates That No Woman Wants

Updated on February 17, 2022
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

Some dates are cheap, and some dates are really cheap. This article is about really cheap dates that no woman wants. Men who take women on really cheap dates might not get a second chance to make a good impression.

There is nothing wrong with saving money, but some men take it to the extreme. See what you think about these really cheap dates that actually happened.

Some men do whatever they can to avoid spending much money on a date. Even if it is their first date with a woman, some men don't try to impress. They rather stick to their habit of cutting corners to save a buck.

Some of the following examples might make women want to never date a cheapskate again.

Eating Out

No woman feel appreciated when the man acts in the following ways when he takes her out to eat.

  • Ben takes Joyce out to dinner only on the night when there is a special at his favorite restaurant. If there is a special on a Thursday night, then that is the night they will go out to dinner even if Joyce prefers going to another restaurant on a different night. It is too bad if her birthday isn't on a night when there is a special at one of Ben's favorite restaurants.
  • John suggests to Greta that they should order from the child's menu because it is cheaper. If that is not allowed, then John wants to order only appetizers instead of a full course meal.
  • Joshua orders one meal and asks the waiter for an extra plate so he can share with Madge.
  • Once Gerard ordered a club sandwich for him and Sally to share for lunch. Even though Sally was hungry enough to eat a whole one by herself, she didn't complain. She never went out with Gerard again. She concluded that she deserved a whole sandwich if she wanted one.
  • Earl tells Sandy that the hot bread is really good at the restaurant where they are eating. He adds, "Let's eat a lot of it so we won't have to order a big meal."
  • Richard tells Rosyln to order water with her meal because they can stop by the grocery store later to pick up a bottle of wine if it is on sale.
  • When the bill comes, Jerry suggests that he and Emma split it. Emma agrees, but then Jerry takes out a handful of coupons to pay his part. Since he didn't have enough to cover his half, he tells Emma to pick up the difference because she ate more than he did anyway.
  • A 110-pound Emma tells the waitress to bring her a slice of cherry pie, but Warren tells her she doesn't need the calories. Actually, he didn't want to pay for the dessert after their dinner.

Crashing Weddings and Birthday Parties

Jimmy works next door to a popular wedding venture. He knows when the big wedding receptions and birthday parties are scheduled. Even though he doesn't know the people, he takes his date there just to get free food.


Weddings and birthday parties are not the only things Jimmy crashes with his dates. He takes them to conferences, but they never arrive on time. They get there around lunch times for free food and materials.

A lot of times, people leave early and their seats are vacant during the second part of the conference. That's the time Jimmy makes his move and benefits from a $350 conference that costs him and his date absolutely nothing.

Concerts and Plays

Zach tries to impress his dates by taking them to concerts and plays. When he gets there, he discovers that he misplaced the tickets. What he does is appalling. He tells his date that they will just wait and when someone leaves early, they will ask them for their seats.

Surely, part of the concert or play is already over, but Johnny insists it wasn't his fault that the tickets got misplaced. His dates don't know he never purchased them in the first place.

Shopping at Thrift Stores

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping at thrift stores. Harry does it for himself all the time. He knows the days when the stores have the best bargains.

For Rebecca's birthday, he shopped at a thrift store and bought her a monogrammed sweater. The only problem was that the initials were not Rebecca's. Harry told her to wear it anyway because only she would know the difference.

Harry has also given her presents in the past from the thrift store that she ended up putting in the trash. Once there was a pair of mismatched socks, three placemats instead of the full set of four, regular size bed sheets for Rebeccas's king-size bed, and a photo album with someone else photos left in it.

Celebrating Holidays a Day Late

Most people know that Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Easter candy, gifts, and flowers are on sale the day after the holiday.

Valerie has never received chocolates on February 14, but she can always count on receiving the biggest and best box on February 15, thanks to Paul who doesn't believe in spending extra money for anything if he can help it.

For Men: Are you cheap when you take a woman on a date?

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For Women: Would you go on a second date with a man who was cheap on the first date?

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