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Cheap Wedding Dress Shopping Tips-Where To Find Wedding Dresses Cheap

Updated on April 3, 2011

Finding The Prefect Cheap Wedding Dress

Many women who are concerned about the cost of a new wedding dress often opt to go the route of using a cheap wedding dress. The reasons for this are many, from simply not having enough to afford a new dress to wanting to spend the money on other things like the honeymoon. What ever the reason cheap wedding dresses are a great way to get married and save money.

Before you actually begin the shopping process you should determine the style and type of dress you want to wear and imagine the look you want to achieve for the big day. Once you have decide on the type ans style of wedding dress you want to find it is time to hit the stores and look for your dress.

Where To FInd Your Gown

There are many different places and ways to acquire a cheap wedding dress and the vary from renting to buying. Both offer you the benefit of saving money but one may not be exactly what you had in mind. Below is a quick overview of where you can find some cheap wedding dresses.

Rent Your Dress-One of the best places to find cheap wedding gowns is you local bridal salon. Bridals salons will rent out many top designs for a mere fraction of the purchase price. The only real drawback to renting a wedding dress is you cannot keep it. This may seem like a big deal but the truth is that most married women seal their dresses away and never look at them again, so what are you really losing by renting?

Resale Shops-If you just cannot get over the thought of returning the dress you were married in then you may want to find a bridal resale shop or high end consignment store. Many times these types of places are full of wedding dresses at great prices. The only real drawback is that it can be hard to find dresses at certain times of the year. Simmer for example is a huge time for weddings and cheap wedding dresses a resale shops are usually scare at this time of year.

Online Auctions-Many brides have also found great deals on Ebay. the only real hassle of using Ebay is playing the bidding game. To avoid this many sellers list their dresses as BUY IT NOW. This allows you to buy it instantly and have it shipped to your door in a few day.On the flip side an auction may allow you to get the best deal, so choose wisely! However you buy your dress just remember when on Ebay to shop smartly and avoid any deals that sound to good to be true.

Shop On can also search for pre owned wedding dresses on Craigslist is the worlds biggest free classified ads website and there is often many wedding gowns for sale rather cheaply. Most large local metropolitan areas have a craigslist dedicated to their city so you should be able to find something close by when searching there.

However you choose to get your cheap wedding dress you should start early and give yourself enough time to find the dress that satisfies you and will make your day as special as you have imagined your whole life.


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      cheap wedding gown 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. I also trying to find my own wedding dress in a cheap price, so tried many shop. Finally found when you find something is really fit for you,you will forget to get the cheaper one even the price is on the top of your budget.