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Cheap Wedding Dresses Yes or No?

Updated on July 10, 2009

Budget Wedding Dresses

Cheap wedding dresses aren't usually what a bride thinks of when she plans her wedding. These days though, more and more brides are becoming budget minded with all wedding aspects, and that includes the wedding dress. Obviously, you'll want cheap to apply to the price of the dress, not the look. Although it wasn't always the way, weddings have become big business these days. That probably explains the growth of television shows about weddings in general, even about the cakes and crazy brides. When it comes to the perfect wedding, the wedding dress is paramount in most brides minds. They even have a T.V. show about brides and wedding dresses on TLC Say Yes To the Dress. Now obviously they're picking the most emotional brides to make some good T.V. but you might be of the same mind yourself.

In the middle ages weddings weren't just unions between people, they were many times business transactions between familys or even two countries. It was important that the brides reflected well on their family. As such, the proper wedding dress was calculated to impress. Brides of a lower social standing tried to emulate the styles of the more expensive weddings.  It seems to be the same way today, except now people are spending money they don't have.  I know coworkers who's wedding bills outlasted the wedding itself.  It's sad but true, and who wants to start their married live in debt?

Budget Wedding Dresses

So where do you find the cheap wedding dress? You can do what I did and go to a bridal outlet. Yes there is such a thing. It's the perfect place to find all things wedding. Bridesmaid's dresses, favors, and of course wedding dresses. You can actually do what I did and buy a white bridesmaid dress. I added some ribbon to dress it up. It turned out to be a very classy, simple dress for $90. In the 1920's brides would have wedding dresses that were reflective of the styles of the day. The skirt lengths rose and fell with current fashions. In the 1940's dresses started to go back to the Victorian styles where they stayed for years, but now brides are starting to wear dresses that are non-traditional. By the way it was Victoria that started the trend of white wedding dresses when she got married. Everybody copied the queen's wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Photo by Killrbeez via flickr
Wedding Dress Photo by Killrbeez via flickr

Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Have a custom made wedding dress? Hey! Isn't this about budget wedding dresses? Yes and you can get a custom dress for less than you think. There are designers and dressmakers in Hong Kong, in fact that's where most of your clothing comes from anyway. You can get a dress right from the source with out raising the prices by going through 8 middlemen. I used to get custom ballroom dress for less than $100 dollars! I just drew out the dress like I wanted sent my measurements over the internet and got my custom fitted dress through the mail at an awesome price. So if you're looking for a cheap wedding dress China is the place.

Make Your Own Wedding Dress

Make your own wedding dress. Yes! There are patterns out there some are simple, some are complicated, but you can make a simple weddng dress or bridesmaid dress and dress it up with lace and beading. If you like classy dresses you can make what you like. If you like funky wedding dresses you can do that too. If you can't sew see if there's somebody you know who can. How about a shop or dry cleaners that does tailoring. Many of them can make garments too. Take a look in your city for such a shop for cheap simple wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses Online

You can also buy cheap used wedding dresses or cheap wedding dresses online. I know, most people don't relish the thought of a used wedding dress, but if you have champagne wishes and a beer budged then you might want to take a look into it. There are bridal consignment stores, even a "regular" consignment store might have wedding dresses. You'll have to look around, but it's worth it to save some money. You can also look at online auction sites. Many of the custom made wedding dresses from the garmet districts in Hong Kong can be found here. Or even dresses people bought and never used. It happens...

Cheap Wedding Comments?

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