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Cheap Wedding Invitations, Really!

Updated on June 19, 2009

Affordable Wedding Invitations

Cheap weddng invitations are just part of the trend towards less expensive weddings. From invitations to cakes to cheap wedding dresses, everybody is looking to save money. Today brides may brag about how inexpensive their wedding is, not how expensive it is. And who wants to start their married life in a financial hole? Wedding invitations are the first impression people get of your wedding so you want it to be nice even if the cost is low, right?

In the middle ages weddings were usually announced by town criers. Men would go through the town announcing the news, anybody who heard the news of the wedding was invited. Can you imagine the food budget for that wedding? Since illiteracy was so widespread the sending of printed invitations was common only among nobles. The wedding invitations were often commissioned by monks who worked on ilumminated manuscripts. They often were very ornate and carried the family crest and were sealed with wax - holdovers of these are still used on wedding invitations today.

Where to Find Wedding Invitations on a Budget

With the invention of metal plate printing during the 1600, and aritsan would hand carve a metal plate which was used to make the engraved invitations. The invitation would have tissue paper placed over the top to protect the printing, a tradition that remains to this day. In this day and age we have many printing options open to us for printing wedding invitations.

Handmade Wedding Invitations

Photo by UglyKitty via Flickr
Photo by UglyKitty via Flickr

Wedding Invitation Sources

Wedding Invitations From the Web.

With the advent of the web came the ability to get your invitations printed many different ways. Many web printing companies will allow you to create your own artwork and upload it. You can save money by designing your own invitation. If you don't want to create your own you can choose one of the templates provided. You can even get engraved invitations. Stuff the envelopes yourself, any labor you (or your friends) do yourself will save you money. If you sign up well in advance of your wedding, you can often get promotions by using certain companies like VistaPrint. I got business cards printed from an online company and I get promotions weekly for products at a 50% discount and going through my email I just found one for free wedding invitations!

Get By With a Little (Wedding Invitation) Help From Your Friends

Don't be afraid to ask your friends for help. Our invitations were designed by us, and printed by a friend with a print shop, we provided the paper. They were printed on vellum and then attached by ribbon to cardstock in our wedding colors. They turned out very classy although they were a lot of work to put together. I enlisted the help of my family and bridesmaids. They could have been done on a laser printer and come out almost as nice. You can also use many "quick printing" places. Their high quality copiers can provide results almost as good as a press. In fact many printers will use copiers on runs under 1000. The cost is a little more but they don't have to set up a printing plate. You could even use a laser printer or Gocco home screen printer like the invitations above. You can look at flickr for ideas on how to make custom wedding invitations, there is even a pool of custom invitations. Some are made with Gocco somer are made other ways.

Locally Printed Wedding Invitations

Check mom and pop printing shops many of them can custom make invitations, and sometimes there prices are better than the commercial printing places. You can make your own design or have them design one for you. Of course if they design one, it will cost more and that defeats the purpose of cheap wedding invitations. You can use clip art from the web, some is free which is always a good price. Stock motifs can be put together many ways to make a custom invitations. Use the web or flicker for inspirations. You will need to do more work, true, but you should decide whether you'd like to spend time or money, the choice for cheap wedding invitations is up to you.

Wedding Invitations Comments, Hints or Tips? How Did You Do It?

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    • profile image

      Brandy 6 years ago

      We bought ours ready made from a cute little shop on . It matched our colors (green and white) perfectly with little birds so we didn't even have to customize.

    • profile image

      wedding invitations wording 7 years ago

      great,very useful!thanks