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Cheating - Benefits From Your Hard Work

Updated on October 17, 2017


In Childhood - Understand and Tolerance

As a young child when your playground friend asks you to help them cheat on a test I dare say most of us would comply. You would never want to see your friend get in trouble or fail a test. This is your friend. You go to your friend’s parties, sleep over each other’s homes, and you love playing games with your friend during recess. There’s no way you will let your friend for life suffer harm. If your friend fails, you feel like you failed as well to protect your friend from failing academically. It didn’t matter if your friend studied or tried to complete the homework assignment, you made sure they were able to achieve success on the same level. Your love for your friend would never allow you to let them fail even if you risk harm to yourself for aiding in cheating activities. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your friend.

Study or Party - The College Years

Cheating -College

When you get older things change. Cheating on this level could land you in major trouble with consequences such as failing the class, academic probation, suspension or expulsion. The risks are huge therefore when your friend needs help with answers seeking cleaver ways for you to exchange information for their benefit, you are prone to say no way. Not only do you say no, you become offended for someone suggesting you risk academic failure to support the efforts of someone ill prepared for the exam. This is when you begin evaluating, if you will, the worthiness of the person begging you to bail them out of their situation. Perhaps you flashback to your roommate making fun of you studying for days, chewing on coffee grounds when you were tired to be prepared for the exam. You flash back to you roommate who never attends the teacher assistant learning sessions and had all the time in the world to socialize. You remember watching your roommate go on dates, attend quad events, and hang out with friends while you were studying. Now this same person, who could throw off the curve if you help, has the nerve to ask you to “do him a solid” and “help him out.” At this point in your life your response has changed drastically to “heck no” and you suddenly run up to the front of the class with your backpack making an excuse that it’s too hot in the other section of the room. This period in life marks when you have less mercy on those who make different choices in their life. You understand that there are consequences for the choices people make and unfortunately their choices can’t author your demise in any way. At this point you realize people must be responsible for their choices and someone’s poor decisions can’t destroy your progress.

Let Me Benefit From Your Money and Success

The Truth

Adult-Cheating In Life

As an adult your reactions are different. You have compassion for those that need assistance however you are prudent regarding who you help and how you choose to provide assistance. As an adult you begin to understand that people make choices in life. Now cheating on an exam transforms into people attempting to use your resources for their benefit. People have empathy and compassion however there are some people still attempting to use other people’s resources to lighten their load in life. While compassion is an essential and valuable quality to have there’s a need to practice discernment. There are people that spend their entire life with a sob story. They live a life constantly in “need” while asking for the benefit of your hard work. While this does not include everyone’s motives, but there are some that feel they will charm their way into getting the desires of their hearts. Cheating now becomes the economic entitlement and support of those who never worked to achieve the levels of success they pursue. Imagine working, attending college, saving all your money for the down-payment on your house while investing money in your 401k. You drive an affordable car and spend hours attempting to better yourself working your way up the ranks earning a title and salary that moves you towards your financial goals. Here comes the lover, cousin, or friend that suddenly speaks French. They believe they are “lucky” to have you around because they can just move in with you, live off of you thus experiencing your lifestyle built from your hard work with no sacrifice. They don’t need a work ethic, practice entrepreneurship, or pursue an education. You have a car, we have a car. You earned a bonus, they have money they “need” or great suggestions regarding the money you can spend on them. Money flows like water in their direction because they love the way you use your resources to provide for them until you notice your finances have changed drastically. You worked hard to achieve your accomplishments while they have no intent of earning the things they need and desire. Such people are jealous of your achievements and seek to sweetly destroy you with all their financial crisis, financial desires, and material needs. Like I said, when you get older you certainly think differently. Sometimes you realize the same people that want to take from you hate the fact that you achieved a level of status different than their own. The same people often refuse to take responsibility acknowledging they refuse to put their priorities in place, sacrifice, and change behavior to achieve success. For those reasons the sob story routine becomes hard to believe when you need financial help while partying, refusing to learn skills that would benefit you, and shopping is on the top of your life.


You become aware of the old saying – If you lean over in a boat to pick someone up out the water, you’ll soon end up where they are.


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