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Cheating Girlfriend–Six Signs She Is Cheating

Updated on November 13, 2012

When you're in a long term relationship and you have fully committed yourself to it or you are still dating each other, nothing is more stressful other than your partner betraying you. Many relationships have ended due to partners cheating on one another. Dealing with unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend is something that is hurtful.

There are some men who have made a choice of remaining bachelors for the rest of their lives for the reason that they were disappointed by their girlfriends whom they trusted and loved so much. They find it really difficult to love again when they recall how they were betrayed and fooled without them realizing.

Women are likely to forgive their boyfriends who are unfaithful. Unlike women, men do not forgive easily when their girlfriends cheat on them. Let me ask you this question, what will you do if you find out that your girlfriend is cheating on you? Will you forgive her or will you breakup with her? It really hurts to find out that all along your girlfriend has been unfaithful to you.

You'll agree with me that first love is stronger. It has got memories that are cherished and they cannot be easily gotten rid of. It is a fact that you cannot forget your first girlfriend or boyfriend. In some incidences the first love has caused problems. This especially happens when the ex–first boyfriend or girlfriend appears from nowhere and wants to continue with the relationship from where it stopped. Some women cheat on their current boyfriends with their ex–first boyfriends.


Why Do Some Women Cheat?

There are reasons that will make a woman to be unfaithful. Therefore if you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you the first thing you should do is to examine the kind of relationship you have been having with her. Ask yourself if you are doing something wrong to your girlfriend. What I mean here is that you could be the main cause for her cheating habit.

When was the last time you complimented your girlfriend? Do you appreciate her for whom she is and show love to her? How do you communicate with her? If you stopped complimenting your girlfriend and there is another handsome man somewhere who appreciates her beauty and compliments her more often, then she may start flirting with that man which may lead her to cheat on you.

I heard one lady bragging of having three boyfriends. Out of these boyfriends, only one is her true lover. The rest two boyfriends are for conveniences like paying her house rent, financing her shopping and paying other bills.

In some incidences there are some women who cheat despite having boyfriends who are treating them like queens (the kind of man that women wish to have). They seem not to control the habit of being unfaithful to their boyfriends. When they are caught, they feel guilty. They ask for forgiveness in a merciful way promising never to cheat again. When they're forgiven they stop for awhile only later on to return to their old bad habit of cheating. I do not know if cheating is something that is in the blood of such women. This begs the question if genetic could be one of the causes of unfaithfulness in a relationship?

There are men who give their girlfriends a hell of time. They're too protective and this is something that is harmful for any relationship. As a result of feeling insecure they do not trust their girlfriends. A boyfriend who is overprotective wants to run his girlfriend's life, he will call his girlfriend from time to time demanding to know where she is, who she is with and what she is doing. The moment he realizes that his girlfriend is talking with another man, he becomes furious and suspicious of her having an affair with him. This becomes a big issue not knowing that his girlfriend has a right to socialize with the opposite sex just like he does.

Understanding Your Girlfriend

In a relationship, both partners should be compatible. One partner should not feel that he/she is giving too much in a relationship compared to what he/she is getting out of that relationship.

There are things that women wished their boyfriends knew. One of the things they wish is that their men could just understand them. Men should understand that there exists a difference between them and women. Therefore men should take their time to understand their girlfriends. They should not handle them the way they feel like thinking that their girlfriends will be pleased.

The ancient days are gone and the orthodox notion that a man is the boss in a relationship is no longer applicable. Nowadays women are more aware of their rights, they have become complex and due to this, relationships have evolved. That is why you hear people commenting that relationships of these days are complicated. Are relationships of these days really complicated or is it men and women who have failed to understand one another?

Men should explore the differences that exist between them and their girlfriends. Once they explore these differences, they'll know which buttons to press in their relationship that will make their girlfriends to be habitually enthusiastic to them. On the other hand if they explore the differences but fail to be compatible and the relationship becomes more complicated, then they should think of ending their relationship. They were not meant for each other.

Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

How will you tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you? It may be challenging to tell if your girlfriend is cheating. Now you ask, why is it challenging? It is challenging because it is difficult for men to know if a woman is straying in relationship. Women are said to be careful when cheating compared to men who get caught easily due to being careless. A woman is able to cover up her cheating ways. She will only get caught by her boyfriend if she wants i.e. if she is cheating with intentions to hurt her boyfriend.

However, there are signs that can help men to tell if their girlfriends are cheating. There are few signs of a cheating girlfriend that give clear evidence that a girlfriend is cheating while other signs cause suspicions that require a boyfriend to search for more evidence.


Clear Sign of a Cheating Girlfriend

1.) She is Pregnant: If your girlfriend is pregnant but you have never slept with her, then she is cheating on you. Not all men are ready to sleep with their girlfriends; they abstain till they get married.

It is only the pregnancy of Mary that was miraculous; she got pregnant through the Holy Spirit. However, God through the angel informed Joseph in advance His intentions of Mary being pregnant with baby boy Jesus, Matthew 1:18 "Now the birth of Jesus the Messiah took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been engaged to Joseph, but before they lived together, she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. 19 Her husband Joseph, being a righteous man and unwilling to expose her to public disgrace, planned to dismiss her quietly. 20 But just when he had resolved to do this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, ‘Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife, for the child conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit."

Since then there has been no such kind of pregnancy in history. If your girlfriend gets pregnant and you have never slept with her, then there is another man in her life.

Other Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

While none of below mentioned signs guarantees that your girlfriend is cheating on you, they're warning signs that you should pay more attention to. Find out more about her once you start noticing them.

2.) More Attractive: Everything remaining the same, why has she started doing things that make her to look more attractive? If your girlfriend has suddenly started to take care of her appearance by changing her dressing style and you doubt if she is doing this in order to please you, then be suspicious and find out the reason for this sudden change. She may also be suddenly interested in being in good shape.

3.) Concerned about Privacy: If your girlfriend starts to be more concerned of her privacy something of which she never did before, then she could be cheating on you. She may start moving away from you when receiving some phone calls or not letting you hold her cellphone. If she acts uneasy when you hold her cellphone and demands that you give it back to her, she fears that you may answer a call when her secret lover calls.

4.) She is Not Interested: If your girlfriend shows a sign of disinterest in you or she is no longer interested with the activities you used to do together, then she could be cheating on you.

In a relationship, a boyfriend and girlfriend should be interested in one another. The interest will vary and that is perfectly normal. But if your girlfriend is not interested in you for a couple of days and she is not sick, then it could be a sign that she is cheating on you.

Many times, stress will play a factor in her decreased interest in you. Therefore, if your girlfriend isn't interested in you don't just accuse her of cheating on you, take everything into consideration such as financial stress, job stress, family stress etc.

5.) Stops Her Nagging Habit: If your girlfriend who used to nag you each day stops and suddenly she starts behaving nicely towards you with no apparent reason, take a step of finding out what has made her to become an angel. There could be a chance that she has met a man who is taking care of the issues she used to nag you about. She could be behaving nicely so as to cover up her unfaithfulness.

6.) Rumor: If there is any rumor going on that your girlfriend is cheating on you, then it is upon you to find out the truth. Do not accuse her of cheating on you before finding the truth.

What other signs do you know?


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    • Nyamache profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua Nyamache 

      5 years ago from Kenya

      @Ficklar, it feels bad and so to say frustrating when you were wrongly accused of cheating yet you were faithful to your boyfriend. I’m glad you got out of the abusive relationship. Some relationships just end because of partners acting on hearsay. This means they lack trust and this makes the relationship to be unstable. It is always good for partners to get evidence that clearly proves unfaithfulness otherwise it may turn out to be false accusation that will ruin a relationship and trust between partners.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I liked the article very much, I am a girl, who was wrongfully accused of cheating and was physically and verbally assaulted as a result. 6years relationship ended with him spending a night in police custody and me swearing never again.

      I get nightmares and sink into depression when I get flashbacks of the times I let him hurt me...the physical abuse were not as bad as the fact that he thought I had betrayed him. I tried communicating; I informed him of my whereabouts; I let him know what I wear when I go out with my friends (he met every one of my friends even though i didn't know all of his I was okay with that); I called him about 6x when am out to report on any updates like who said what, what we are drinking and if we've changed venues; During the summer when am home, I make him dinner when he is at work, he comes to mine to eat and we leave for his after, he drops me home on his way to work and the cycle repeats again. The days I don't make him dinner, I meet him for lunch on his lunch breaks: I sometimes left him my phone over nights and weekends hoping he will know how faithful I was. It didn't work. He had zero evidence and simply went on his instincts. The final straw was him slapping me to the ground and shouting to my neighbours what a slut I was.

      I guess what am trying to say is, instincts etc are not always right. I appreciate this article because it mentions getting evidence. To any guy who will read this, please make sure you have proof that she is cheating before you accuse her or even allow yourself to get engrossed in such thoughts.

      For my ex, because he saw other girls hit on him even though they had boyfriends, he assumed I was doing the same. Despite his best friends telling him that there is no way I would ever cheat on him, he decided to go on his instincts (we had been together from 17yrs till we were 22yrs with a 2 years gap because he cheated on me and it took a while for me to trust him again).

      I wish you all the best and hope things work out.

    • Nyamache profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua Nyamache 

      5 years ago from Kenya

      @Neil Sperling, very true, communication is the key. I appreciate your contribution.

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 

      5 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Good hub. So true - times are changing and relationships evolved with this time and yes they do require more understanding between couples. You did a good job of sharing some signs..... communication is key. Open communication in a fast changing world tho is not easy, as we all are changing to keep up with the world changes, this affects relationships simply due to the fact we have to keep changing to keep up with the world. Fascinating times we live in - fascinating relationships go with it.

      good hub - thanks

    • Nyamache profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua Nyamache 

      5 years ago from Kenya

      @dashingscorpio and midget38, Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion.

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      5 years ago from Singapore

      All these are true, though I thing using different words can also be attributed to having different interests. I guess it depends on hoe frequently it happens!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You think your girlfriend is cheating on you? You suspect your spouse of being unfaithful? Your boyfriend isn't paying as much attention to you as he did before? Find out what is really going on ! Gain access to their mail and messenger accounts.

      Feel free to contact us on our mail for any information, we will be happy to help you

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      6 years ago

      These are all excellent tips! However I'm incline to believe if you suspect your mate is cheating you are probably right.

      Generally speaking the reason we believe our mate is cheating is because (their behavior has changed) and we aren't happy with it. Having said that if we found they were NOT cheating and the behavior we disliked remained in place... I supsect we would not jump for joy. Therefore in my opinion being "unhappy" is enough of a reason to end the relationship. When two people don't want the same things for the relationship there is no point in staying together. Cheating may be the 'deal breaker" but it's what led to the cheating that is the real problem. A lack of honest communication about wants and needs.

      "If it doesn't feel right to you then it's probably not right for you."


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