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Why do Women cheat in Relationships

Updated on May 8, 2013
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Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating.

Infidelity and Extra marital Affairs by Women

Men are not the only ones who cheat on their partners. These days more and more women are found to be guilty of cheating. Infidelity in relationships is increasing day by day. Every day we read on newspapers about several crimes which have resulted from such relationships. Recently I happened to see a magazine called ‘Crime and Detective’ which had a detailed account of such cases where the woman had affair with father in law, son, neighbor, husbands friend and so on. With increasing live in relationships and extra martial affairs Marriages in our society today do not seem to mean nearly as much as they used to in the past. What may be the reasons why a woman resorts to such an act? After some analysis on the subject I came up with some reasons as to why a woman may cheat on her partner or husband.

Women are emotional creatures. If the main reasons for men who cheat are physical, the reasons for women who indulge in such act are mostly emotional. Some of these reasons are loneliness, revenge, boredom and self esteem.

Husband catches cheating wife red handed
Husband catches cheating wife red handed | Source

Random thoughts : A Man who sleeps with many Women is called a stud but a woman who sleeps with even one man outside the marriage is labeled as a Whore!

9 Reasons why Women cheat on their Men

Given below are 9 reasons that may prompt a woman to cheat on her man.

  1. Unsatisfactory Relationship: There are women who get involved in extramarital relationships purely for sex. Majority of Women who cheat on their partners are those who are involved in unsatisfactory or sexless relationships. When she sees that her partner is unable to satisfy her on bed or fulfill her whims and fancies she looks for someone who could do so. If a woman is not receiving the attention she feels she deserves in a relationship, she may be tempted to seek that attention elsewhere and become involved in an affair.
  2. Loneliness: Many Women get into relationship because she feels lonely. This is most likely to happen when the lady is a housewife and husband is working abroad or the husband is a workaholic or who is on tour for at least 15 days in a month. Instead of looking for a productive hobby to fill her time she compensates for neglect or lack of attention from her man with the attention of another man.
  3. Revenge: Many Women cheat because they want to take revenge on their husbands when their partner has cheated on them. This tit for tat action makes them run into the arms of another man. Many women see a cheating partner as a justification to have an affair of their own.
  4. Excitement: Several Women turn to other men when their existing relationship has lost all the excitement which used to be there in the earlier stages.Boredom may also factor into why women cheat. Monotony and boredom in the present relationship makes some woman to find a solution in a brand new partner.
  5. Lack of self esteem : When the Woman feel that she is not getting the deserved amount of attention and admiration from her current partner she feels insecure and ends up cheating to reaffirm to herself that she is still attractive and desirable.
  6. Love and Romance: When women feel unloved, ignored or taken for granted by their partners she may stray. Women look for emotional security and like to be wined and dined, courted and romanced. So when she is complimented by another man she feels attracted to that person too and tries to rekindle the lost romance in her life through an affair. If another man starts to show care and concern to them, this will make them to engage in an affair outside.
  7. Money and Power: Women tend to go on affairs with men who hold powerful positions in the society and are loaded with money and are willing to provide the material goods like that she feels are missing in her life.
  8. Genuine Attraction or Falling in Love: The Modern Woman who manages both home and work efficiently comes across many males. It is not quite unlikely that they may find someone attractive or may be even fall in love with. Whoever said a married woman cannot fall in love?
  9. Lack of Understanding and Communication

To sum up, whatever the reasons for cheating are I don’t think any religion supports such an act. Moreover, it is not worth losing your family or health because of such an act.


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